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Computer networking devices are units that mediate data in a computer network and are also called network equipment. Units which are the last receiver or generate data are called hosts or data terminal equipment. A network device possesses special communications hardware to make the necessary physical connections to other devices. Most modern network devices have communication electronics integrated onto their circuit boards. Devices used to develop a Local Area Network (LANA) are the cost common network devices used by the public.

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Some of them are listed below: Gate Way Router Hubs Repeaters Bridges Brothers Modems multiplexers Network cards Line printers Firewall Proxy Digital media receiver protocol convector Multilayer switch 1 _ Gate way: a gate way is a computer program which allows two computers to share information between them and bypass certain protocols on a host computer. For example we can use a gate way to transfer Information between a MAC and PC network. There are following types of gate way: . Hardware: a gate way may also be a hardware device which is physically connected to the network and transfer information from one network to another. 1. 2 Software: A gateway can be a software which allow two different protocols to transfer Information from one device to another device on the same network. 1. 3 Default gate way: destination address dose not known by network the information is transfer to another default gate way. Default gate way are most common on TCP/IP networks such as the internet.

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