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Online video has become increasingly important for marketers who want to deliver their message in a more meaningful way. When reaching people it is evident that the majority of people can be reached through written content, most people prefer seeing pictures and nearly all of them love seeing videos. There are 2 main reasons online video has just recently become so popular.

People enjoy watching videos

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There is something special about seeing a clear and quality video. The true colors of a person or company can be seen through a video. Users can judge how genuine a person is when watching a video. Written text can be manipulated and often the text that we read online has been edited to perfection. However, a video really shows the competence and style of the person in the video.

Naturally people will make a judgment on whether they like the person on the video. Many things can be seen on video that are harder to interpret through text. For Example, the communication style, personality, attitude, intellect, etc. This is why online video is preferred over other forms of media.

Online video is arguably the second best way to communicate, second to communicating in person. This is the reason Lawyer Marketing Services, Inc. of Tulsa, Oklahoma created a website that allows the people of Tulsa to find an attorney through online video. If you are looking for a DUI attorney you can pull up over 100 videos of the top DUI Attorney in Tulsa answering popular legal questions.

The website also has over 100 questions answered from a Tulsa business law Attorney and a Tulsa personal Injury attorney. As well as 10 other legal practice areas. All of the online videos allow people in Oklahoma the opportunity to see the Tulsa Lawyer online before they hire them.

Sharing online videos have become easier than ever.

Not only do people enjoy watching videos, technology has just recently reached a point where sharing online videos have become easy and convenient. A few years ago the technology to upload videos and watch videos on your devices was a lot more difficult. Online videos were inhibited due to storage capacity, broadband speed, expensive recording equipment, hosting limits, and even the ability to search for online video was difficult.

Now days the technology allows users to upload, watch and share videos all from their mobile devices. This has made online videos much more accessible for the average consumer. Having an abundance of online videos is great. However, the abundance presents the challenge to stand out. Lawyer Marketing Services, Inc. understands that challenge and the needs of each Tulsa attorney.

A Tulsa Personal Injury Lawyer needs to stand out differently than a Tulsa DUI Lawyer. Tulsa attorneys need online videos that stand out, which is why Lawyer Marketing Services, Inc. has tailored each video to fit the Tulsa attorney’s fields of expertise.

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