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While giving an interview I am going to have opportunities to create a favorable impression through strategies like verbal self-promotion by modulating my tone perfectly while confidently saying that “l am a diligent human being’, and I am also going to have opportunities to adjust my non-verbal behaviors like adapting to a welcoming body posture to convey a positive message to the Interviewer (“Impression Management use and Effectiveness in Employment Interviews”, n. D. ).

But at a funeral I have to adhere to some basic norms followed by the majority like remaining quiet and subdued. And on such an occasion I would rarely have a chance to use Impression management (“Impression Management use and Effectiveness in Employment Interviews”, n. D. ). While appearing for an interview I did use impression management successfully; I got the job as a trainee in the company and it was a positive outcome indeed. I think the proper use of impression management helped me a lot In securing the Job.

Impression Management Depending on Different Situations TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

This Is because during the Interview I was able to implement impression management in modulating my voice to convey my confidence to the interviewer and by keeping a subtle smile on my face and adhering to a welcoming body posture, while giving the replies to the queries, I was, in my opinion, successful In convincing the Interviewer that I am a honest yet friendly person who an be beneficial both for the company and its employees (Centric, 2013).

Once while trying to impress my history teacher I utterly failed in Implementing the impression management strategies. The teacher asked me a question which was not there In my text book and neither was it my class notes because I Ignored the topic’s importance while the teacher discussed about the same previously in the class. The teacher wanted to test my general knowledge and she was confident that I wouldn’t be able to answer her.

But to prove myself smarter l, in a strong voice and in a very infinite manner gave her a wrong answer. Although my gestures were positive, although I did not stammer or use fillers while providing the answer, the answer was wrong and the teacher was not impressed to find the poor level of my general knowledge. For two consecutive days I was suspended from the class for not being attentive to my studies and the class lectures. I think If I would have used a self- handicapping strategy then the outcome would have been different.

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