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Nowadays, our planet is threatened by all sorts of worlds ‘ activities such as planetary heating, nursery consequence, acid rain and so on. This job has become one of the major planetary issues that gain most concern from the society. Alternatively of thought of ways to forestall our planet from continue being destroyed, there are still people who do non recognize the importance of protecting our planet and they continue to foul the environment with rubbish. This leaves a really large impact on the image and touristry of the state and there is still people doubt about the importance of holding a well-planned waste direction to cover with the shit. As stated in Dictionary.com ‘s twenty-first Century Lexicon ( n.d. ) , waste direction merely defines as the procedure of roll uping the waste that are created by worlds and dispose them in a more proficient and scientific manner. This can cut down many negative effects such as to forestall the spread of diseases, maintains the quality of environment and reduces the harm made to the milieus. In order to get by with all the jobs that brings along by improper disposals of waste, the governments should put the waste direction schemes so that we can travel towards a greener and sustainable environment.

One of the waste direction schemes that can assist us to keep and dispose the waste create by worlds is to forestall and minimise the waste produced ( Cossu, 2009 ) . Since there is ever rubbish creates by worlds, it is impossible to acquire rid of the waste wholly. In order to forestall extra waste being produced, people should take points which can be used for a longer period alternatively of utilizing non-renewable merchandises and besides points which are packaged overly ( EHS, 2006 ) . They are besides encouraged to recycle the day-to-day merchandises such as nutrient containers, plastics bags, apparels and batteries. For illustration, the plastics bags which obtained from the shopping promenades can be reused as the ashcan bags and the old apparels can be used as a tabular array fabric and so on. Besides that, the stuffs such as newspapers, composition boards and others can besides be recycled to go other useable merchandises. Finally, the waste produced by worlds will diminish since most of the points are reused and recycled alternatively of being merely thrown as trash. By making so, non merely we can salvage the money we spent, we can besides salvage the environment from being destroyed as the valuable resources such as trees are saved ( Fletcher, 2008 ) . Hence, the chief attempt or scheme in pull offing waste is to cut down the production of waste as it brings a batch of benefits to us.

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Furthermore, it is besides necessary to better the criterions and engineering used to pull off the waste. Government should put a higher criterion in pull offing the waste. It is a common cognition that there are many sorts of waste such as solid waste, risky waste, industrial waste, commercial waste and others. As all these sorts of waste mix together, it may let go of chemical substances which are toxic. A better and faster waste system should be established and constructed to handle the waste so that the worlds ‘ wellness can be guaranteed ( Brunner & A ; Fellner, 2007 ) . The building of this waste system should do certain that the chemical substances released by the waste are non carried by surface H2O and the groundwater to the rivers so that worlds can be prevented from imbibing the contaminated H2O. They should besides plan a system to command the unfavourable smell of the trash ( DEGNL, 2002 ) . The figure of rubbish bins provided should besides be increased so that the people will non throw the trash anyplace they like. This can ease the procedure of roll uping the waste to be disposed. As the trash will impact the wellness of the occupants, the trash is sent to the disposal sites which are isolated and off from the town with an improved and systematic transit with trained workers. However, the figure of disposal sites ought to diminish so that more attending can be put to a peculiar topographic point for a better and higher accomplishment ( DEGNL, 2002 ) . There should be no more combustion of rubbish since the gaseous emit will foul the environment. Therefore, it is really of import for the governments non to pretermit the importance of the criterions and engineering of pull offing the waste as this relates to the worlds ‘ wellness.

Another waste scheme that should be taken into consideration in order to hold a greener and cleansing agent environment is by making public consciousness ( DEGNL, 2002 ) . As we know, there are still many people who do non truly care about the status of the environment which is acquiring worse now. This attitude of the society should be altered as it is the chief obstruction of protecting the environment. This can be done by forming all sorts of consciousness runs which are opened to everyone in the society to supply the public information o the importance of modern waste direction. The people will besides be taught of the pattern of cut downing waste production and the ways to maintain the environment clean. In add-on, the governments should besides put a function theoretical account of the people by affecting themselves in the public activities of pull offing waste such as cleaning up the small towns. Consequently, the people will follow them when they see so. Harmonizing to Environment and heritage service ( 2005 ) , the authorities ought to portion a partnership with the fabrication industries by back uping competitions utilizing the recycle points to plan new points such as apparels, bags and others. It is besides necessary to curtail the jurisprudence and all right those people who do non pull off the waste in a good mode or merely throw trash anyplace ( EHS, 2005 ) . This surely can promote more and more people to be more environmental friendly. Therefore, making public consciousness is one of the waste schemes that can be taken in action in the long tally of accomplishing the end of making greener and sustainable environment.

In decision, waste is everyplace and it can non be eliminated exhaustively from our life. As the universe population is increasing, the sum of waste generated besides increases. It can be clearly seen that the production of waste is closely related to the human behaviour and the economic position of that state. The over production of waste will merely convey along negative effects to us by impacting our wellness and the environment. As a consequence, the Earth ‘s resources such as sand, limestone and minerals are being depleted. To forestall the catastrophe from go oning, waste direction plays a really of import function in protecting the environment. The sum of waste generate should be reduced by back uping the cut down, reuse and recycle plan and the criterions and engineering of pull offing the waste must be improved. Besides that public instruction should besides be provided to educate the people sing the importance of waste direction. Therefore, everyone in the society should collaborate with the authorities in order to accomplish success in pull offing the waste so that we can travel a measure nearer to a greener and sustainable environment.

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