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Excessive familiarity breeds contempt or too many chefs spoil the broth which means too much or excess of anything results in spoilage for an organisation. Communication must be effective with the fact that it must be accurate, informative and qualitative. For instance, in a bank customer is depositing a cheque for $50,000 in the morning, and this information has not reached the Bank Manager by afternoon, which means either there is a communication gap between manager and employees or employees are not working properly.

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A fundamental fact is that the Bank Manager has to be intimated about the deposits by customers by employees either by email message or by telephone or verbal communication. There should be proper means and channel of communication between upper level, middle level and lower level of employees which otherwise indicate that the flow of quality information is not existent in an organization.

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In this case, manager must communicate effectively and release instructions to all the concerned that information must be processed effectively to the desk of manager within a time frame and this must be understood by all the employees and carry forward the instructions of manager. Many of the employees are instruction-oriented that when instructions are issued, per se these are noted and practiced. Since managers play a key role in offices, it is always the responsibility of managers to take care of employees and issue instructions in order to avoid dual functioning and duplication of work.

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