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This plan should provide for the orderly and phased shutdown of an Installation. A. Off-site emergency plan b. On-site emergency plan c. Safety Plan d. Health Plan 6. MUMS stands for:- 6 a. Material Safety Data Sheet b. Medical Safety Data Sheet c. Material Solution Data Sheet 7. The Exonerate is dissolved in dilute sodium hydroxide & the resulting solution is the viscous orange liquid known as a. Spinning b. Shredding c. Viscose d. Aging 8. Is used as a temporary care measure to provide the circulation of some oxygenated blood to the brain. A. CPRM b.

SEC c. NECK d. CUFF 9. The SSL of a wire rope can be calculated by dividing b. D. 10. Which gas is not used for the purpose of ventilation? A. Carbon-did-oxide b. Oxygen c. Nitrogen d. Hydrogen Part Two 1 . Describe the safety precautions in storing gas cylinders. 2. Write the advantages and disadvantages of ‘Electric Forks’. 3. Explain the overview of the ‘Employer Safety Program’? 4. What are the stages of ‘Brainstorming’? 7 Section B: Case lets (40 marks) 0 This section consists of Case lets. 0 Answer all the questions. 0 Each Case let carries 20 marks.

Industrial Safety Management TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

Detailed information should form the part of your answer (Word limit 150-200 words). Case let 1 Oxygen Cylinder- A Potential Explosion Hazard In an open area outside a mechanical workshop, a welder was cutting some steel plates with an ox-acetylene gas cutter. The oxygen cylinder was about to get empty so, he decided to replace it with a filled one. He unscrewed the regulator from the empty cylinder and installed it on the new full cylinder. When he opened up the cylinder valve, he noticed a leak at the union connection between the cylinder and he regulator.

He therefore turned off the cylinder valve, unscrewed the union and examined the gasket. He found that there were two gaskets instead of one, which ought to be the case. So, he removed one of the gaskets. He then screwed up the union again and turned on the cylinder valve. The moment he turned on the cylinder, the back of the regulator and continued until the cylinder valve was shut off. A large portion of the regulator melted and burned during the incident. There was no injury to anyone. The welder remained alert to save himself. Surveillance Findings 1 .

An examination of the regulator revealed that there was some grease in the ball bearing in the front housing. 2. The explosion actually occurred in the rear high- pressure section and the grease was found in the front housing of the regulator. 3. It is concluded from both the above findings that: 0 An inexperienced person had overhauled the regulator. 0 There had been, in all probability, grease in the rear section too. 0 Grease or oil in the smallest quantity is sufficient enough for oxygen to have caused an explosion. Question 1 .

What are your recommendations for prevention from these kinds of incidents? Case let 2 Explosion in a Chemical Raw Material Store A continued process chemical plant, manufacturing anion and action exchange resins, used hazardous chemicals as their raw material. The process intermediates were also hazardous but the final products were not. The plant had a separate raw material store, which was maintained as per laid sown standards, and a ring main fire hydrant system. However the inventories were more than the necessary institution because of shortage of material as and when required.

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