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A discussion of the theme of insanity in Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”.

Insanity Insanity to a certain person is someone’s inability to make reasonable decisions and also the inability to separate the real from fake. In Shakespeare’s MacBeth, the main character MacBeth goes through many incidents that make him seem insane. His insanity is evident throughout the whole play from his hallucinations to the ability to kill anyone he feels as a threat. One instance of insanity is his the meeting the witches. Witches are of the supernatural realm. Even to believe in the supernatural realm is to be a little insane. MacBeth talks to these creatures and also listens to them when he may know unconsciously that that these creatures are supernatural. Even though his mind knows of this information his mind still accept these witches to be real and even to the point where he accepts advice from them. His mind has grown to the point where now nothing is impossible. Another instance is when he is able to see Banquo’s ghost and also when he talks to it. When MacBeth sees the ghost and when MacBeth talks he already has crossed over to insanity. MacBeth talks to a figment of his imagination which his mind has made. These means that his mind is not healthy. He is unable to separate reality from a hallucination. His reality is that he is still sane even though he has the ability to see ghost. His mind has already gone mad and he cannot control it .He is not able to separate what is real from what is reality. One final instance is ability to kill anyone he feels as a threat to him. When someone is able to make such a decision without remorse has gone insane. The ability to make a decision of whether to take someone’s life is a decision that can only be made by a sane person. When MacBeth orders to Kill Banquo and his son, Fleance his ability to make another decision of whether are not to take another life was gone. He is now gone insane and his decision are impaired by this. MacBeth was a character who lost his sanity just to gain the status of the king. He will never make a decision again that will be considered sane. He went from hallucinations to the eventual killing of everyone who posed as a threat. His insanity was lost the moment he killed the king. MacBeth may have become the king, but the only reward he got was insanity.

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