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SNSes should also provide an opportunity for personal dialogue with its users since the core of such networking sites is communication. A clear example of this is the company Ernst & Young (E&Y) which has created a group on Facebook that targets college students who are interested to work for the company. Fans of Michael Kors’ fashion line could be able to comment and post what they liked about the collections released previously and of what they would like to see the company develop as a fashion brand.

I believe that this will be very helpful for the company as it is much more user-interactive than Michael Kors’ official website (Szewczak, 2008). Marketers need to analyze what they would like to project to the community of SNS users and plan steps on how to consistently and effectively keep in touch with their base users whether it’s through updating the content of their profiles or sending out messages in their friends’ list.

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The Victoria’s Secret group has cleverly devised a way to keep their users from actively engaging in what the brand has to offer when the VSPink profile sends out messages to group members about upcoming contests like a “PJ Party. ” Marketers should be responsible enough to use the message channel to promote new things about the company and its products without annoying the users who have subscribed to them (Li, Bernoff, Feffer & Pflaum, 2007). Another group that has been making the waves on Facebook with its unorthodox way of keeping it fresh is Chase +1.

The group apparently rewards users with activities like taking a credit education quiz which users can t redeem for merchandise on Amazon. com or gift to a friend or charity of their choice (Li, Bernoff, Feffer & Pflaum, 2007). In the case of the Chase +1 campaign, three metrics were most important for its success. One was brand awareness in Facebook. Two was the number of credit cards appended to the group. Third was the usage of the cards after the users have signed-up (Li, Bernoff, Feffer & Pflaum, 2007).

Based on the given research about SNS and how different kinds of marketing brands and services has been able to utilize it to their own advantage, I believe that Michael Kors would be more than willing to test the waters since its target audience are the main users of such sites. It will also indirectly strengthen the base of its adult sector as they are consumers of the sites as well. References: Li, C. , Bernoff, J. , Feffer, K. A. & Pfluam, C. N. (2007).

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