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After reading the various tutorials found on businesscommunicationblog.com, I was particularly interested in the tutorials related to Employment, Writing Web Content and Intercultural Communications. The Tutorial on Employment provided detailed methods for successful job search. The Job search 101 gave a step by step process for suceesful job hunting, starting with identifying the right job and ending with sucessfully landing it. The tutorial also included several blogs on writing good resumes and cover letters. This was a comprehensive tutorial for job hunting.

I was also interested in Intercultural communiations. However, the tutorial had only one link about email netiquette in international communications. The blog itself was very comprehensive and covered the various issues that may occur in intercultural communcations, especailly those across the gender. However, some more blogs on proper intercultural communications, especially face-to-face communications would have been even more helpful.

Intercultural communiations TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

Finally, I was also intewrsted in the tutorial for Writing Web Content. The main blog in this section covered various kinds of web writing such as writing blogs and writing for wikis and discussion boards. This was an interesting article with some useful tips on making online articles more interesting. Other blogs in this tutorial also provided some useful tips on good content writing for the net. This was a good tutorial, however, some more information can be added to this tutorial.

Coming to the link on Working with words, the topics which got me interested were Euphemisms, Obsolete words and Profane words. The link on Euphemisms was particularly intersting as it provided a list of some of the common euphemisms used in English language. A blog I found particularly interesting was about the fact that how many euphemisms have a very short shelf life and once it is adopted, it is just a matter of time before the stigma associated with the original word catches up and new euphemisms are needed. This was an interesting and entertaining blog.

The blog on Profane words gave a list of reasons why people should not swear under any circumstances and offered a course to help people give up the habit of swearing. This too was an interesting article and is meanigful in the modern world when increased stress means that more and more people use sear wordseven in ordinary setting.

Finally, the link on Obsolete language provided a list of some of the phrases which have become obsolete and gave the alternates. This link also included an intersting article on how the government was trying to change its letters from obsolete language to plain everday english which is easily understood by common people. This too was an intersting article. However, a few more blogs and a more comprehemsive list of obsolete words and phrases would have been better.

If a company receives a solicited proposal for a management consulting firm, it is alright for the company to implement the solutions without paying the fees because it is the consulting firms responsibility to word the proposal in such a way so as to not give away the solution. Once the solution is written down in the proposal and sent the company it becomes public property or the property of the company and as such, it is not unethical to implement the solution. However, if the consulting firms advocates the use of a proprietry material than it cannot be used and using it would be unethical.

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