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Likewise in the breakdown of consensus over Iraq left a void in the United Nation’s capacity for governance on a fundamental issue of international security according to Hutching’s Speech. Collective decision-making over a pressing matter reflective of the international environment remains unstable as the question of power and principle creates confusion in the pursuit of ideals and interests. In Sohn’s UN articles charted and delineated in article 1, the fundamental goals of the United Nations provided hope for mankind and nations as international peace and security necessitated UN’s main agenda.

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Historically though, the United States used UN’s clout to enlist Soviet support over the Gulf war has catapulted President Bush into his new world agenda while framing other nations under the UN’s mandate. Undeniably, as an international organization, the UN is largely dependent on the financial support of its member nations. In light of their current situation, externally oriented measures are pointed to correct the pathological status that the United Nation suffers in order to transform in their own right.

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The United Nations as the human populace’s hope for survival should reassess its fundamental values if it so wished to adapt to the needs of its member nations. The universal value of security under the UN’s specific institution should bear witness to the particular social and judicial circumstances that exists in its midst for furtherance of its principles.


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