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An interview is an interaction between two two or more groups of people with the intentions of knowing something new or getting deeper information about something. This kind of interaction usually has a limit and an identifiable purpose. An interview is also an opportunity for people to share information with others and one is also being careful and aware of the language or communications that can make interviewing go do without the communication barriers thus can make it difficult.

Most times when interview is concerned, the interviewer and the interviewee usually have an intention which is either different or the same. Personal bias is a serious mistake that can occur when the interviewer and the interviewee sees what they want to see and hear in the interview while the third barrier of an interview is the fact-inference problem. The fourth barrier of an interview is the nonverbal communication which occurs through the short, intensive communication interaction where the one of the nonverbal behavior may result in conclusions that are full of faults.


The powerful effects of the first impression s of the status of an organization are the last two barriers of an interview. In order to overcome the barriers mentioned above, some questions should be asked by the managers of an organization and the questions should be established before the interview while others depend on the way the interview is developed. (Rothenberg and Jeffrey, 2001)

There are three different categories of questions that are regarded when asking these questions by the managers of any given company in regard to the discussion on the phrasing of the questions whether primary or secondary, open or closed and neutral or direct questions. Each of these questions may be appropriate only at the correct and given time but they can never be the same both in quantity and quality and most of all in their meanings.

Since the situations of the questions asked are very different then the strategies of the analysis should also be very different in all its format of questions. When ending the interview, there should be clear explanations of the main points to be considered as priorities in the interview and the they should be very appropriate to the person requiring the information in order to know how to deal with the future actions to be taken to handle the cases that affect the organization and the best way to end the interview.

Most managers of different organizations prefer conducting interviews on their employment and the performance appraisals during their careers since they need to be aware of different or several aspects of the interviews. When doing the employment interview, there is need for appropriate planning to ensure that the manager clearly understands the job that has been opened or is opening. During the employment interview, there are legal concerns which are very unique and the awareness of the general guidelines for questions that are lawful.

It is important to have a questions that are strategize appropriately so that the manager can easily get a variety of questions to ask in order to evaluate the motivations of the applicants, their education levels, work experience and their flexibility in doing the work that they are given to because all the types of questions asked have different and specific purposes in the interviewing process. While doing an interview, talking too much rather than listening to the second party is a very common error that interferes with the intended interview and wrong keeping of the records can also mess up everything in an employment interview.

There are many reasons as to why performance appraisal interviews are critical although it is unfortunate to state that they are often conducted since they are ineffective. The only time doing such kind of an interview can be effective is when the scheduling of the interview is increased at appropriate times and conducting it in the correct places while discussing the topics that relevant in the discussion or the interview. During the appraising performance it is very essential to have strategic communication since other wise and behaviors that are defensive can be aroused in the subordinate.

The manager is able to develop an environment that is supportive and that allows a problem solving approach and is also not a defensive environment when there is a strategic communication during the interview. For one to have find adequate information when doing any kind of interview and the documenting of sources found during the specific given interview then there should be a simple and effective strategy that should be used. Depending on the kind of topic you are given for your research or interview then you need to arrange the interview questions in an ascending order of how they should be considered.

The very first step is to identify the topic given and knowing how you ask questions relating to the topic that you are given and also identifying the main concepts or the key words in the questions given. After identifying the given topic then the next step is looking for the background information that suits your topic including the key words in the indexes to the given subjects in the encyclopedia by reading the articles according to the context of the research given by noting any relevant items and the additional background information that can be found in your reserve readings or textbooks.

To find more information about your topic of discussion during your interview then you should use catalogs to find books and media by using the guided keywords to search materials then writing down your citation where you indicate the author and the title of the book of your research and the location of your research. To find relevant periodical articles then one must use indexes and abstracts since they may be either printed or just computer based formats or both then its wise to choose the indexes and the formats that is best suited for a particular topic.

Still as you try to look for the most appropriate periodical article you should not forget to indicate the author of the book of reference, the title of the book or the keyword that is best suited for the research. Internet sources can also be very helpful since they give adequate information on a given topic and to deeper understanding of he topic by using the search engines such as the bibliography or the research guide that are created by the librarians.

As you approach to closing your interview and giving the feedback then evaluate what you have found in your research by knowing how to analyze information sources in a critical manner and distinguishing the scholarly or non-scholarly periodicals in an appropriate way for the suggestions that should be considered in your evaluation and conclusion. Giving your topic an overview look is also very important since there are things that you might have forgotten before clarifying your work and when you need more ideas to add to your research before giving out the conclusion.

Also look deeper on how you have used the reference sources whether effectively or not since it will determine the weight of your research. You should always consider the purpose of citing or documenting your sources of research in any given research work or interview because it gives the right credit to the authors who wrote the materials you are using and it also allows you to an advantage since people will be reading your work will duplicate the research or the interview that you have done and find it easy to locate all the possible sources that used as references of your work.

Using the words that people used in your interview or research work is plagiarism so you should always use your own words and carry out a given interview according to your own understanding and make it understandable to the next person who is going to go through your work.

Always make sure that you have received the correct answers to the questions that you were asked to your satisfaction so that you will also be in position to give the appropriate answers to the people who will want to listen to your findings after the interview that you will have carried since they will want to hear questions well answered and that they will also want to be convinced that your interview was well carried out and successful so that the actions to be taken towards the problem should be adequate. (Rothenberg and Jeffrey, 2001 Reference Rothenberg R and Jeffrey E (2001) the thought leader interview strategy in business

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