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Motivation refers to the process of stimulating people to work towards accomplishment of a desired goal (Lauby 2005). Management theory on the other hand refers to a set of rules and ideas that are designed to assist managers in the following three functions: understanding of the factors that motivate workers for achievement of organizational goals, understanding of organizational goals, and planning of how to achieve organizational goals in an effective and efficient manner (Lauby 2005).

Generally, a management theory aids a manager to determine how best they will obtain the most out of employees. The functions of managers include planning, leading, organizing, and controlling. Each of this function is usually directed towards achievement of an organization’s objectives and goals and these can only be achieved if the employees attain maximum productivity.

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The managers are the ones who are responsible for designing job descriptions as well as defining the responsibilities of each individual in the organization. This gives them the power to design job descriptions that make the employees to feel as part of the organization by allocating them more responsibilities (Lauby 2005).

The managers are also charged with the responsibility of leading employees and thus they have the power to motivate the employees for example by letting the employees know that they trust them. Another thing is that the managers have the ability to reward high performing employees and this will motivate them to work even harder. In their capacity as organizers, the managers can get the most out of employees by allocating them tasks which they are interested in or which matches their skills (Lauby 2005). This serves to motivate workers

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