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The iconography of the life Christ is centered within his birth and death. Before His birth John prepares people by announcing that Christ will come to the world in form of a human who shall be born by Virgin Mary. Joseph wants to break his engagement but an angle assures him that Holy Spirit conceived the baby she is carrying. Christ is born in Bethlehem. Wise men bring gifts to him led by a star.

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His turning of water to wine at a wedding in Cana makes his first amazing feats. He fed  five thousand people with five loafs of bread and fish .Christ meets the woman at the well and asks for water although Samaritans were not supposed to mix with Jews, this symbolized that those who drink from him shall never thirst any more, but those who drink from the well quench thirst for a little while.

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Christ is baptized by John at river Jordan. Christ is led to the wilderness and fasts for forty days and night, during which the Satan tries to tempt Him. First to turn a stone to bread and also to jump off from the highest part of the Temple and will survive if He is the son of God, and the Satan was to offered Christ all the kingdoms in the world if Christ would only worship him, but He overcomes all.

Judas betrays Christ with a kiss, and He is arrested and crucified between two condemned thieves. After His death the soldiers’ leader testifies that “Truly this is the Son of God.” During His death an eclipse of the sun and an earthquake, and the dead rose from their graves.

Christ is buried and rises (resurrects) from His tomb on the third day, as evidenced by the three women who had taken the ointments to take care of the body. He appears to several individuals before He is lifted up towards the heavens and is received by the Hands of the Father.

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