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All candidates will be first screened based on their experiences. Candidates with longer experiences and those who are familiar with the government protocols are preferred. An interview will proceed to determine who is the rightful among the candidates. It is expected that the candidates, at these stage, already have excellent communication skills.

The candidate must be very willing and determined because he/she will be filling a top-notch position. The candidate must believe that he/she can fulfill the duties enumerated on the job description. The candidate must also have a sense of priority and can discern which issue to be addressed first so the candidate will be able set significant appointments for the President in case the candidate gets the job. During the screening, the candidate will be asked situational questions and see how he/she prioritizes.

Job Description of the Executive Assistant... TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

The knowledge of the candidate with office applications shall be tested. The best candidate to meet the requirements of the job and possess necessary skills will be hired.

Performance appraisal:

It will not be easy for the new employee to know if he/she is doing a good job especially that there is just one person who supervises the employee. Self-assessment would do part of the job of knowing the status of the performance of the new employee. For example, does the new employee think he/she performs her duties within the given time?

With the right procedure? Without violating company rules and protocols? Was the employee good at arranging meetings and appointments for the boss? Did it ever happen that there have been overlaps or conflicts on the schedule? Was the employee ever been honest in his/her work? Is the new employee able to perform multiple tasks?

Can the new employee do his job well with or without supervision? Is he/she happy with the job? These are few questions which the new employee could answer so the employee will be able to evaluate how he/she have been doing so he/she would know if he/she can still be able to keep the job. There are more questions the employee could answer to assess the performance and review the skills the employee has. These questions can also be answered by the supervisor.

The employer could look on to the office of the new employee and see how the new employee has kept the documents passed onto him. Was the employee able to maintain these documents? Can the employee find the documents right away if he/she is asked for it? The employer can also ask the employee to review to him the duties of the executive assistant to see if the employee is still aware of those.

The satisfaction of the President with the performance of his assistant shall also be evaluated.


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