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Do you agree with Giver Tulle that the increasing safety regulations for children are limiting children’s opportunities to interact with the world around them? Why or why not? A: Yes I do agree with Giver Tulle that increasing safety regulations for children are limiting children’s opportunities to interact with the world around them because every day we suffocate our children with all these rules that we know they are going to break anyways and then when they do break these rules and hurt themselves we are sad but yet mad at them.

If you teach a child how to use a lighter or match they will be less likely to burn themselves or the house down, if you teach your child how to drink hot substances then there is less of a chance of them burning their tongues off. Every moment that we tell our child not to do something or not to touch something is a moment in which we instill in our child a fear of doing that thing when they get older or a fear of failing at that thing. We should be instead encouraging them to try these things while we are around to monitor them and help hem do these things the right way. 2.


What can children learn from playing with fire? A: Children can learn about the three working elements in fire which are intake, combustion, and exhaust. This teaches children how to create a controllable fire as well as how to correctly manage or put out a fire. Giver Tulle states that the open- pit fire can be used as a laboratory and he is right because I know personally that playing with the camp-fire was a great learning experience for me and for the other hillier that were there and it is something I will always remember, it is something that doesn’t have a good impact from Just watching on a television show.

And you can think of the open-pit fire as a laboratory. 3. Which of the “dangerous things” do you think would most beneficial for children? Why? A: I think the “dangerous thing” that would be most beneficial for children is number five which is the breaking the law one. I think this is the one that teaches the biggest lesson. It teaches resourcefulness and the importance of following the rules and law. It’s an important lesson for kids to understand the consequences of their actions as well as that some laws can be broken by accident and that laws have to be understood.

And when we’re fooling around with things and breaking them open and taking them apart and using them for other things it teaches kids how valuable items are and the importance of being self-efficient. 4. What role do you think parents should play in helping their children explore the world? How can parents protect their children and let them explore? A: The role that I think parents should play in helping their children explore around the world is being very encouraging.

You have to encourage your child that it is possible for them to do anything that they want to without having them be afraid. A child is not going to learn if they don’t go off by themselves and they need to have the permission and encouragement of their parents to feel safe enough to go off. The parent needs to teach their children to be independent by not being so scared of everything they try to do. FALLS Economics 2. 09 Lab Questions By Interdenominational

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