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There are various types of power, which leaders use. The choice of which type of power a leader use depend on the kind of people one is leading, the type of leader one aspires to become and also the efficacy of the chosen type of power. In the case study, Roger uses expert power in his leadership. This is where he is employing knowledge he has gathered from different authorities he had read before attaining this job.


He depends so much on this knowledge to the extent that he makes the decision out of the knowledge without consulting other staffs and that is why he is facing resistance from other staffs. He tries to use his ample knowledge to influence other staff in the organization. However, this is facing resistance because the other staffs feel that they are not engaged in bringing the changes in the organization. This would lead to fall of his leadership because a leader who is not supported by the staff ends up failing.

His attempts to influence other staff will also not succeed for working alone without engagement of other staff members in decision making. As a result of this resistance, his performance will be low during appraisal, which may lead to demotion. If he does not change the way, he is using power he will definitely not succeed in his position. Therefore, there is a dire need for him to change his leadership style. He is supposed to engage other staff members in making any decision (Crosby & Bryson, 2005).

He is supposed to explain the knowledge he has to other staff members and seek their input so that they can make the decision to bring the change required. By this way, the other staff will not have any resistance to the change, as they will feel they are engaged in bringing the change. They will develop a feeling of owning up the change. References Crosby, B. & Bryson, J. (2005) Leadership for the common good: tackling public problems in a shared-power world, 2nd edition, John Wiley and Sons.

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