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Introduction Leadership is one of the most important aspect of an organization. It’s the ability or the potential to guide or direct the company, party or an organization towards its set objectives. Leadership plays the main role in leading organizations towards goal attainment success Many people think that a successful person is necessarily a good leader which is not true.

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It has been seen in many organizations, there were former leaders who led the organization to such a success that at present the new leaders are just maintaining the hard work of the former leaders and they actually are not good leaders but in fact just successful people who are trying and maintaining their organization as it was going successfully before them.

To lead an organization or a small company or even a political party to grow into a huge giant there is a dire need for a good leader which can pull and push the organization towards its clear vision or the individuals clear vision to the goals he wants to achieve, and once the leader has acquired the perceived level of achievement its if not easy is rather not difficult for the next would be leader to maintain its recognition. (Shaed, 1990).

People are commonly aware that organizational success is not always because of great leadership, at times the leaders come across difficulties and situations, which they are unable to handle effectively. So at this point, the corporate culture and structure of the organization solve the shortcomings/deficiencies of the leaders. (Shaed, 1990). Even the talented employees of the organizations play a very important role in decision making and in generating ideas when their leaders are unable to do so.

Employees and the organizational structure are two very important aspects which have to appreciate for organizational success. In many organizations, the determination and efforts of the employees is not considered at all and only the leaders are given credit and appreciation. This is highly unethical and businesses should follow the code of ethics by recognizing the hard work of the employees which led to success by giving them extra holidays, bonuses, etc. All organizations must understand that it is not only the leaders who can enjoy bonuses and appreciation for the success.

The employees and corporate culture play a very major role, the organization stands no where without them. (Shaed, 1990). Conclusion / Own Thoughts The idea that all successful people are great leaders is completely irrelevant because leadership and success are two completely different terms because success comes because of the work of the former leaders who took the organization to such a successful level that even with the new incompetent new leaders the organization cannot face a downfall.

Leadership skills and qualities are inherent in the nature of certain human beings and not every other person possesses it. So therefore, successful people are not always great leaders because the corporate culture of a successful organization plays a very essential role in hiding the bad qualities and inefficiencies of the leaders. (Shaed, 1990). Second Article: Passionate Leader Introduction Leadership of all times has seen a common characteristic of passion in every leader.

this passion guides them towards achieving the goals and objectives of their party, organization or company. Without a proper sense of passion and dedication, no leader can be clear about his mission, aim or strategy. All successful leaders think and work passionately, that is by enjoying their responsibilities instead of getting frustrated or irritated by the work load. Passion has always led great leaders towards accomplishing their goals and reaching the self- actualization level, where they feel fully satisfied and happy with their work and lives.

Only those leaders and employees who see everything positively and passionately are successful because they try to gain their own personal goals through the goals of the organization. At the same time passion leads them to develop a sense of belonging and loyalty towards their organization which further leads them towards working sincerely and dedicatedly. The leaders who possess a passionate nature are always seen as more motivated and they gain job satisfaction. Whereas, the leaders who not deal passionately with their leadership responsibilities always end up in difficulties or even in failure.

(Colan, 1996). Developing values in leadership is also extremely essential as it helps the leadership to develop a team or group to perform better as a team or groups values might include collaboration of the team, being innovative in ideas, working on no failures, and the client should be the first priority to the team. (Colan, 1996). Appraisals and appraises are most important in a team work to motivate ur team, people don’t leave companies people leave people .

leading with greater capabilities and passion a leader can foster greater teams and make customer bonding to that organization or any leadership, leading with passion will empower and enhance your teams efforts and willingness work extra for their company or leader as it creates a passionate team with great leadership which will lead the company towards success. (Colan, 1996) Leadership by a group is leaded by a group unlike as in an individual leadership style this can have an example of cross functional teams.

An individual leader can be a good group leader or a team leader as in big organizations people tend to work in teams to achieve specified goals leaded by one team leader and the team works in collaboration and coordination with each other under one lead. In this article we are just trying to evaluate that if the leadership is strong and have team values in line with the leader the leadership can create miracles for a company towards its strengths and success and will lead less to failure and backdraws any organization might have at any point in the leadership process.

(Colan, 1996) Mostly seen as the characteristics of a leadership are the bad ones and as well as the good ones, bad leaders push through their leadership to their teams and groups working for them or with them, and good leaders are those who pull their teams together. In a good leadership people who are working work normally and rather happily rather than when in a pushing situation, as they will be reluctant to work if they are getting a push in their work from their leader.

(Colan, 1996) As the term denotes leadership means to lead not to push , if a leader recognizes the fact between push and pull strategy, he is going to be the true leader and he will lead the company towards the right path and direct it towards the true destination. A good leader will be able make up to his orders followed by 90 percent without even being boss and whereas in the other situation you will be leading towards the downfall of the leadership of the organization. (Colan, 1996)

Leadership and emotions can be categorized into three levels firstly,. the leader or the group which is leading the organization is collectively affecting everyone working for the same goals, which leads secondly to, affective tone of the group, which leads to group processing coordinating and emotional intelligence of the the leaders to manage the leadership emotionally and responsibly. (Colan, 1996) Conclusion / Own thoughts Great leaders are passionate about their work.

It’s not just that you will get a reward for your work done at the end of the month or if you think the either way that its my work I have to do it. But you will have to be passionate about your work only to be a great leader and to achieve your goals. For example: if a worker/employee is not motivated or passionate about his work/ task then he would not be as productive as a worker who sees his work as an enjoyable responsibility References Shaed, Mark (1990). Leadership – it is not necessary that successful leaders are good leaders. Colan, Lee (1996). Passionate leader

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