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IS 240 focuses on the issues of leadership and influence in the industry of emergency management. Moreover, the foundations of this course are based on the regard of the importance of leadership and the ability to influence other people in order to accomplish the goals and objectives of Emergency Management as a system. The implementation of the structure of framework of the Emergency Management System is rooted on the necessity of being able to direct and influence others to carrying out what the mission and objectives of the system are, through sound management, planning, and response knowledge, skills, and competencies.

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This particular course is able to contribute for this purpose of professional growth and development in the field. The established goals and objectives of IS 240 is now attributed to the success of the Emergency Management System as a program or mobilization, stating how sound leadership and influence through proper planning, efficient management, and timely and appropriate responses, propels the system.

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Within the overview of the course, various events and situations were presented which discusses the role of leadership and influence, or the lack of it, which has concluded the success or failure of various operations centered on responding to emergency situations – that is, from the Los Cuchillos fire and other hypothetical scenarios. These events or situations have determined how failures or disasters could have been prevented had there been enough knowledge and skills in leading and influencing individuals to fulfill their roles and responsibilities under the Emergency Management System.

Aside from facilitating the accomplishment of Emergency Management goals and objectives, obtaining knowledge and skills on leadership and influence also helps in nurturing career growth and professional development for managers. There are various ways by which managers might be able to enhance their competencies in leadership and influence by reviewing requirements in Emergency Planning, conducting self-assessments in order to determine innate leadership skills and influential abilities, analyzing paradigms that guide thinking, touching up on psychological concepts such as self-knowledge and self-reflection, and such.

These specific topics and concepts are part of the IS 240, which establishes the need for managers to obtain knowledge and skills beyond the technical or practical aspects of management and planning. From the course objectives and overview, we also realize how leadership and influence should not only be implemented by managers but all members of the system as well. It is not enough that managers are the only ones concerned with the accomplishment of system goals and objectives through efficient leadership and influence.

There is also a need for managers to foster a working environment wherein people are aware of their need to exhibit leadership qualities as well. Based on three primary goals of the course, managers are equipped with information on how the standards and guidelines of leadership and influence are to be practically implemented in the workplace. This process constitutes the proper facilitation of change and the necessity to building and regaining trust.

Overall, the course was intended to develop or improve Emergency Management System as an industry by means of enhancing the knowledge, skills, and competencies of the people that propel it – that is, the managers. Moreover, this particular course emphasizes how management does not simply require the knowledge of management concepts in terms of emergency management and planning, but how these concepts are to be applied in the workplace effectively through sound leadership styles and personal influence.

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