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Applying the required characteristics when working as an athletic director is not and easy task and requires a lot of sacrifices and endurance, the following are some of the ways to achieve the goals. A good director should have exemplary character. This is a leader who walks the talk and in this perspective, the director will be able to win the trust of the players.

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The athletes will be able to respect the director because the mutual respect will have been bred out of good character and credibility (Mahoe 2007). The director is expected to be dedicated and passionate about his or her job as the athletes are likely to warm up to the leaders who are enthusiastic. Leading by example is a source of inspiration and can lead to greater performance in any organization and hence greater achievement as well.

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As a good leader, the athletics director should work together with players as a team so as to achieve the common goal (Bolden et al 2003). The director should lead with no doubt in his/her mind so as to achieve greater compliance in the team. Portraying confidence towards a task will inspire the athletes to work even harder to achieve more. The director should appear focused as the athletes would look up to him in the event of unfamiliarity and expect to find encouragement and security.

The director will also be expected to tolerate any uncertainties and see the team thorough such tough moments as he is the one person who will have a better understanding of the team at personal levels. A rational strategy should be kept in mind and that the main goals have to be achieved the crisis is evaluated and solved systematically (Oakland 2001). Excellence is the main focus and that nothing should be allowed to stand in the way. Whether naturally possessed of leant these features are very important.

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