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Mullions (2004) opines that the advertisements help the readers to know the vacancy in the companies and the leadership in the organizations also receives the right selection of the employees. This is the first planning method in the recruiting and the effectiveness can be measured with the results or the achievements done by the companies after the exact staffing in any organization. The next is the online recruiting process in the companies. Mugginess (2003) states there are the recruitment which are undertaken with the help of the online recruiting processes.

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These kinds of recruitment are called the external type of the recruitment. But the other type of the recruitment is the internal and the internal recruitment is the exchanging and the promotions and then the filling of the vacant places in the companies. The effectiveness of the recruitment and selection is monitored and done by the HARM and the results can be seen in the form of the dynamic leaders that are brought every year in the companies by the leadership planning methods. In the development of the leadership there are two methods.

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The first one is the on the Job training and this method is very impressive and authentic in the companies. If the trainings are given on the Job then the employees can learn better and be the best part of the organization. The second one is the organizational learning. There must be the organizations which encourage the idea to make the flexible environment for the employees to get the valuable information and then become the dynamic leaders of the companies. Both of these methods are very important and effective in every tuition of the organizational learning processes.

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