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Different areas of leadership call for different approaches that can be very useful in that particular field as the management of a hospital could be very different from the management of a car wash. The following are features that can be more or less useful to an athletics director. The first feature is to study and understand the team and in this context there are two teams; the first team is the entire organization ranging from management to junior staff like the athletes themselves and the second team is the players themselves.

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A director should be able to interact and know every person in the team at personal levels. Knowing the players inside out helps to understand the roles played by each person in the team and can help to enhance the strength of the team (Gill 2000) The director is also expected to know how to place each athlete in the position that will result into success or improving his/her skills. The director should be able to perform as a coach both on the field and in the change room. It is very difficult to understand what the director wants when you are working under him/her.

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This therefore requires the director to be more explicit in placing demands. He should be able t develop a team philosophy for each event and instill it into the players. For instance, if the team’s philosophy is to win many titles as possible, it would require that the team participates in many events and work hard to achieve the objective (Loehr 2005). As the players play with this in mind, we can conclude that the director is a coach on the floor and on the pitch. The director should earn the athletes trust.

For any team to be able to follow the leader’s instructions, it must believe that the leader would actually deliver or will bring something to the team. The director should be able to “play hard” – work harder so as to motivate the players. If a team lacks confidence in the director, this would mean that it will be left defenseless (Gill 2000). The director will be required to set the tone. The director should keep in mind that a successful practice gives the athletes confidence to win though it may not necessarily guarantee success.

Understanding of how the practice is done and the aim of the practice is very essential (Loehr 2005). When this is achieved, the director will be able to set the pace for the practice. On the contrary, when a leader is not ready to give all his commitment, the team will suffer by not getting the correct practice. The director should be conversant with all the possible situations. Understanding the next move to make in every situation is a very important task of the athletics director. He/she has to understand what event is taking place, who is participating and how he/she can set it up for a win.

Abusively, the game plan is supposed to be played out to perfection. Good moves, tactful strategies and good screening (Gill 2000). A good test to evaluate this is to see the director take over an event at the winning time and win. Defensive leadership is very important as this will enable the team not to accept a defeat and nothing less of a win. When a director instructs the players not to loose, there is likelihood that the team will take charge or force a turnover and eventually the team will win (Oakland 2001).

This does not guarantee a win but usually reduces chances of defeat. In the event of either of the two outcomes (a win or a defeat) the director should be able to handle the situation in perspective. Studies have indicated that young players are likely to be affected by the results of the events they participated in. the director should ensure that the team is provided with a strong peer who is able to keep them composed (Clough et al 2002). Wining usually builds satisfaction; conversely a defeat can depress the team.

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