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Furthermore, in order for the team members to achieve their respective needed skill(s), concrete planning must be done so as to conscientiously address learning and skills enhancement. The succeeding paragraphs provide some valuable suggestions that could help in the attainment of the identified needed skill of each team member.

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Dave Curtis may need to obtain some units in public speaking from the academe or reputable institution. A crash course, or workshop, is deemed necessary for Dave to learn the most important mechanics and elements of public speaking, thereby fully enhancing his speechifying ability. Additionally, regular contact with many people could help Dave be acquainted to the feeling of facing large groups of individuals as well as to alleviate the so-called ‘stage-fright’, which Dave may have.


On the other hand, Mindy must take ample time to browse the APA style manual, which is duly published by the American Psychological Association (APA). It is also beneficial to visit the APA style website (http://www.apastyle.org/manual/index.aspx), as well as other web links pertaining to APA formatting, in order to find some helpful insights and guidelines about the said referencing style.

For Carrie to enhance her computer skills, she needs to constantly use computer applications like MS Office and etc. Moreover, reading the guidelines of specific computer applications/programs is important to have a significant familiarization about those programs. In addition, Carrie may attend to some computer literacy enhancement seminars and trainings for her to typify her computer skills.

 Sheri’s writing skills can be enhanced through continuous practice. Further, she may focus on improving the choices of words and how she would clearly convey her message to a variety of readers/audience, especially because she is working with children. Writing workshops may also be necessary to augment her writing capability.

Lastly, just like Dave, Marie Whaley may engage in public speaking and communication skills seminars for her to be an adept on the said field. Again, similar to Dave, she needs to get in touch with people and speaking engagements.

Consequently, the summary of team skills, statement of identified needed skill(s) among team members, and suggestions on how to address the identified needed skills have been exemplified in due course of this paper, thereby typifying the intent of learning team skills assessment.

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