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            Consumption of tobacco products has been a contentious issue given the mystification regarding consequences of such undertaking. It is actually disheartening to acknowledge the existence of such confusion in the scientific and medical arena amid rising health problems associated with tobacco consumption. At the outset, regulations concerning tobacco consumption have been in place for a commendable time and their consistent review have yielded little fruits. Instead, there has been an upward surge in the health and economic problems associated with the vice.

Legislation on Tobacco consumption by the... TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

            Most medical scientists have linked tobacco smoking to the onset of dangerous diseases such as cancer and heart defects among other adverse health effects. It is therefore not prudent to theoretically contradict the discovery without substantial evidence. The Food and Drugs Administration agency (FDA) however encourages consensus on this issue by allowing advertisements that are misleading on the effects of tobacco smoking. These advertisements have duped the youths to believing that tobacco consumption is healthful to the minors by being acceptable in the society. It is commendable that the Agency recognizes use of sports in the tobacco adverts as a factor influencing the youths to consume tobacco products. I further praise the Agency’s lamentation of the addiction of Nicotine drug. However, more stringent measures need to be enforced to curb tobacco consumption. These rules should also clearly pinpoint the tobacco-related health effects. On the other hand, it may be arguable that the manufacturers do not target the minors since they have excluded the minors from the advertisements.

            Parents as well as peer groups are also to blame for instilling a culture of tobacco smoking in the society. This has brought forth a new generation that is tobacco-dependant. Additionally, it is true that these are some of the contributing factors in the introduction of under-age youths to tobacco smoking. I also appreciate the FDA legislation that provides for restriction on sale, promotion and distribution of these products. However, I detest the government’s reluctance in implementing such rules. This is owed to lack of political will and not legal authority as stipulated in the legislation.


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