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Microeconomicss is focal points on forms of supply and demand and finding of monetary value and end product in single markets. Therefore, even in a free endeavor system, non all industries are every bit competitory. This is because economic experts have identified four grades of competition such as perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly and monopoly. So, in here I will discourse about the features of monopoly.

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Monopoly market means that it has merely one manufacturer on the market. A exclusive provider can command over the monetary values of its merchandise. For illustration, it will diminish in consumer demand due to increased monetary values. Therefore, a market or industry in which there is merely one manufacturer, which can therefore put the monetary values of its merchandises.

1.2Characteristics of Monopoly

1.2.1Number of Rivals

Monopoly does non hold any figure of rivals. This is because under monopoly, there is a individual manufacturer of a peculiar service in the market accruing to a instead big figure of purchasers. In add-on, other rivals merely produce simple goods or service and deficiency of invention therefore the figure of rivals ‘ lessening. So, a concern becomes a monopoly it must maintain to alter and invention to bring forth a alone merchandise.

1.2.2Ease of entry into industry

Under monopoly, it regulated by authorities. This is because the authorities gives a singles house the sole right to bring forth some good. Besides this, a few of the primary barriers such as authorities licence or franchise, resource ownership, patents and right of first publication, and high start-up cost besides consequence to entry into this market. For illustration, company Astro, it must hold authorities licence, homogenous merchandise, a big capital and resource ownership. So, to be the exclusive marketer, in the monopolistic apparatus, a particular merchandise must be produced.

1.2.3Similarity of goods or services offered by viing houses

Under monopoly, it wills non straight viing goods or services. This is because theyhavetheir ain alone goods and services for the purchasers. For illustration, the electric companies that produce electricity to all user. In other manus, another company merely bring forth some simple goods such as nutrient, drinks, apparels, and goods. Therefore, based on the illustration we can see that under the monopoly, the company will non straight viing goods or services with other company.

1.2.4 Level of control over monetary value by single houses

Under monopoly, it can command the monetary value of the merchandise. This is because no rivals compete with it so it can randomly put the monetary value to derive the maximal net incomes. Therefore, a monopolizer is a ‘price shaper ‘ and non a ‘price taker ‘ ; when it decides the monetary value and the purchasers have to accept it. For illustration, top director of companyAstro he announce the monetary values of one channel will increase from $ 150 to $ 200 in twelvemonth 2012 therefore all the user must follow and accept it. So, under the monopoly marketer can do determination on puting the monetary values of the goods or services.

1.2.5 Diagram

Super-normal net incomes

Monopolies can keep super-normal net incomes in the long tally. As with all houses, net incomes are maximised when MC = MR. Therefore, the degree of net income depends upon the grade of competition in the market, which for a pure monopoly is zero. At net income maximization, MC = MR, and end product is Q and monetary value P. Given that monetary value ( AR ) is above ATC at Q, supranormal net incomes are possible ( country PABC ) .

Deadweight loss

Based on the diagram assumes that mean cost is changeless, and equal to fringy cost ( ATC = MC ) .Under perfect competition, equilibrium monetary value and end product is at P and Q. If the market is controlled by a individual house, equilibrium for the house is where MC = MR, at P1 and Q1. Under monopoly the country of public assistance is P, F, C, and B. Therefore, the deadweight loss is the country B, C, A.

1.3 Decision

In my decision, the characteristics of monopoly are none of rivals, hard of entry into industry, sell a alone goods and services, and can put the monetary values indiscriminately to derive the maximal net incomes. So, in the four grades of competition in a private endeavor the monopoly is the one manner to derive maximal net incomes compare with other competition.

2.0 Introduction

Microeconomicss is the subdivision of economic sciences that market behavior of single consumers and houses in an effort to understand the decision-making procedure of houses and families and concerned with the interaction between single purchasers and Sellerss. Therefore, even in a free endeavor system, non all industries are every bit competitory. This is because economic experts have identified four grades of competition such as perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly and monopoly. So, I will discourse about the differentiate characteristics of four grades of competition.

2.1 Number of rivals

Under perfect competition they are many of rivals compare with monopoly. This is because monopoly are none rivals in the market. Besides this, under monopolistic competition there are many rivals but fewer than in perfect competition. Last, under oligopoly they are few of rivals compare with perfect competition and monopolistic competition. Agribusiness is the illustration of perfect competition. However, restaurant industry or supermarket is another illustration of monopolistic competition. Besides this, steel industry is the illustration of oligopoly. Last, the illustrations of monopoly are H2O service, overseas telegram telecasting and electric company. So, monopoly that are none rivals compare with other three type of competitory.

2.2 Ease of entry into industry

Under perfect competition each house is little, therefore it is easy for houses to come in or go forth the markets. For illustration, the veggie produced on one farm is the same as that from another. Therefore, it is comparatively easy to get down bring forthing vegetable and comparatively easy to halt when it ‘s no longer profitable. Under monopolistic competition concern may be big or little, but they can still come in or go forth the market easy. However, under oligopoly the entry of new rivals is really hard because it need a big of capital investing. For illustration, the oligopolistic industries such as air hose, steel industries and car all besides need a big capital investing to entry. Last, under monopoly entry into industry are commanding by the authorities. For illustration, H2O service it control by the authorities. So, perfect competition and monopolistic competition are easy entry or go forth comparison with monopoly and oligopoly.

2.3 Similarity of goods or services

Under perfect competition is the market characterized by legion little houses which are bring forthing same merchandise. Agribusiness is the illustration of perfect competition such as milk, veggie, wheat maize and java. However, under monopolistic competition Sellerss to do merchandises at least seem to differ from those of rivals. For illustration, they distinguishing schemes include trade name names, design, styling, and advertisement such as Nike, Starbuck, KFC, Organic veggie and McDonald. Besides this, under oligopoly the merchandises are big capital investing is needed by the rivals such as steel, air hose, aluminum and diamond. Last, under monopoly the merchandise and services are no straight viing with other house such as H2O service, electric companies, and overseas telegram telecasting. So, the merchandises of perfect competition are indistinguishable comparison with three type of competition.

2.4 Level of control over monetary values

Under perfect competition the monetary value are set entirely by supply and demand and accepted by both Sellerss and purchasers. Therefore, both purchasers and Sellerss know the monetary values that others are paying and having in the market place. For illustration, the monetary values of milk are set by supply and demand is $ 1.5 per bottle. Therefore, all the purchaser and Sellerss know the monetary value so seller can non alter the monetary value indiscriminately. However, under monopolistic competition the monetary values sometimes can put by the Sellerss themselves depending on the design, trade name name, titling and advertisement. For illustration, the poulet sell in the KFC is $ 10. On the other manus, the poulet sell in the market is $ 5. So, we can see the different between the monetary values of KFC and Market. But the monetary values are non set excessively high because purchaser wo n’t purchase the goods. Under oligopoly, they have more control over their schemes than monopolistically competitory house but the action ofone house can significantly impact the gross revenues of every other house in industry. For case, when Public Bank incentives offer to increase gross revenues, the others Bank normally protect gross revenues by making the same. Last, under monopoly a exclusive provider complete control the monetary value of its merchandises. Its lone restraint is a lessening in consumer demand due to increased monetary values. For illustration, electric company increase the monetary value of electricity such as from $ 20 per W to $ 35 per Ws so all the users must accept and follow the monetary value. So, monopoly is a “ monetary value shaper ” non a “ monetary value taker ” comparison with other rivals.

2.5 Decision








Number of rivals


Many, but fewer than in perfect competition



Ease of entry into industry


Reasonably easy


Regulated by authorities

Similarity of goods and services



Similar or different

No straight viing goods or services

Level of control over monetary value by single houses








Steel Industries

Electric Company


In my decision, I learn all the feature of perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly and monopoly. For illustration, monopoly can command the monetary values of goods and service comparison with other competition, monopoly can merchandise a alone goods therefore it will non similar to other competition. So, monopoly is best comparison with each other.

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