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Local and national radio both broadcast news but they both differ due to the fact that they have and use different techniques. First of all, national radio broadcast news from around the country and local just broadcasts local area news. National radio news is an individual’s work; it isn’t just copied from any journalist. The news is much more detailed and has less of gossip. It’s much more serious and formal.

Whereas, Local radio news is abbreviated much shorter and simple. The news maybe copied from a journalist. It won’t be as detailed as a national radio will make it, even if it’s the same story! Local radio news is said in informal ways, the presenters will tell the listeners their opinions on the stories, whereas the national radio news presenters will just read the story.

What is local radio better at... TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

When it comes to music then I believe that they won’t be much of a difference because the local radio will play music by Kylie Minogue just the way national radio will. So to be honest I don’t think that they will be much of a difference. What can be said is that in different local radios, they tend to play music associated to their name. For example: Classic FM: this radio station will only play classical music, so one can not expect them to play rock or pop.

National radios will advertise nights out in big cities such as Birmingham, London and Manchester whereas local radios will only advertise local nights out. Equally national radios won’t advertise local charity jumble sales whereas local radios will because obviously its local and they will want to inform their listeners. I think that one thing local radios will only do is advertise help lines for teenagers.

These help lines can be for depressed teenagers or teenagers who are facing difficulty. Local radios advertise help lines such as ‘Talk to Frank’ and ‘Connexions’. This is one of the reasons why I would say that I prefer local radios to national because of what they advertise for the public. I do not know why national radios don’t do this.

Local radio will also advertise programme that will be on the television whereas the national radio wont. If they national radio does then it will only be TV schedules of the big cities such as; London, Manchester, Leeds and so on. Local radios might also talk about the local scout team whereas the national radios won’t, maybe because there are too many cities for them to talk about.

Another good reason why I’d prefer local radio to national is the act that local radios inform people of important announcements. They might tell the people that schools are closed due to bad weather whereas the national radios won’t do this. Local radio can also be linked to local schools helping inform parents of what’s going on.

There is also a difference between national radio presenters and local, I have noticed. Local radio presenters are more talkative and less formal then those of the national radios. For example Jojo from Galaxy 105 she mocks people to make her time on air be more enjoyable to listen and fun. She does this to make her show more humours. I don’t think national radio presenters do this because they rather make their time on air much formal.

National radio presenters ‘don’t waste time.’ They rather just get on with their job and that’s it, whereas local radio presenters enjoy what they do as a living and they show this through the way they talk and present.

Another fact which I would like to say is that local radio presenter’s voices/accents are different to international radio presenters. Local presenters sound local and national sound foreign, which is weird. If you ever listen to local radio presenter’s voices they sound as though they are having a one on one conversation with you because they sound local. It is also much more enjoyable to listen to their live shows because I can familiarise my accent to theirs whereas when I listened to a national radio presenter’s voice I got bored in a matter of minutes for the obvious reason that the way they spoke is totally different to they way I talk and my accent.

Local radios present weather very specifically to the area they broadcast for. What I mean is Radio Leeds’s presenters give a detailed account of the weather for the day or week due to the fact that they are local and want to tell the people what the weather will be like. On the other hand, National radio presenters don’t do this because they just presenter an overall view on the weather for the country.

Local Radio presenters inform the listeners about major and minor roads works and accidents. They tell the people which junction is free and whish is busy etc. National radio presenters do not do this because there are too many roads for them to cover and basically they won’t have enough time.

So, as an overall point of view on local and national radio I will have to say that local radio is much more informative for people who are local and want detailed info on local days and night out as well as weather and news updates relating to their area/city. I would recommend local people to listen and spend their time on local radio than national because listening to local radio presenters is so much more spirit lifting than listening to someone who sounds foreign even though he/she is not.

I don’t prefer listening to national radio because for one thing the update on news and road works/accidents are all national, what I mean by that is that the updates will only be of those that come from big cities such as London, Birmingham and Manchester, they wont be any updates on recent road works in a city like Shipley or Ilkley.

* Is Local Radio Better Than Local Newspaper?

There isn’t much of a difference when it comes to local radio stations and local newspapers. As long as it local, radio and newspaper, then there isn’t much of a difference when it comes to reporting to the public of the events that take place in a day. If one would ask whether they were at least some minor differences then I can say that the only difference there would be is the way news is informed to the people.

What I mean is that local and national radios would present the news via their presenters who will make the news and updates much more fun to listen to and less formal even though it will be correct information. The presenters will also tell the listeners their views on the news which helps make the update sound similar to a one on one conversation.

Whereas, when a local newspaper is bought the news is all there and reading the news paper is quite boring, I know that I would rather listen to the local radio for updates and news rather than read a newspaper. I say this because for example if I’m driving somewhere I wouldn’t exactly have time to read the paper whilst driving and still drive safely. I’d rather switch onto the local radio and listen to the updates.

It’s much more convenient, I have to say and personally I think people who much rather listen to news being read out to them then them reading a news paper themselves, its just much easier and cheaper!

* Cons and Pros of two different types of local radios.

First I will discuss the pros and cons of a local Leeds/Bradford station; Galaxy105/106.

The cons and pros are;

Cons: There is mainly dance music, and it can be repetitive sometimes.

Pros: Good nationwide reception, good dance music

Cons: There are Lots of adverts, which always seem to interrupting songs.

Pros: Good tunes, lots of dance music which seem to appeal to young people.

Cons: Generally just another pop station.

Pros: good giveaways.

This is my overall view

Quality of reception


Quality of programming


Range of programming


How good are the presenters?


Quality of information


These above are just a few of the cons and pros of Galaxy 105; they represent the positive and negative points of this particular radio station. I can say that the main cons are the compliments about the type of music played. I can say that people seem to enjoy the music.

Now I will discuss the pros and cons of Classic FM:

Pros: Good shows; The Evening Concert; Classical music!

Cons: A flood of adverts

Pros: Easy listening to classical music

Cons: smug irritating self promotion adverts.

Pros: The music

Cons: The commercialism

This is my overall all view

Quality of reception


Quality of programming


Range of programming


How good are the presenters?


Quality of information


Those above are cons and pros of a radio station where classic music is played; I have deliberately chosen a classic radio station because I wanted to investigate whether they’d be different pros and cons. As I know, there is not much of a difference everybody seems to enjoy the different types of music but seem to hate the annoying self promoting adverts/jingles.

* Investigating an Asian Radio Stations Schedule.

I have finally found a schedule for a local radio station; this station is one which plays Indian music so basically will be listened to by the majority of people who are Asian. This schedule shows how different shows blend in with the age group of people who will be listening to the radio during that time.

East FM Schedule

Local Time



Kuch Na Kaho (Indian title of show)

East fm always has something for you. If you are a night runner this is your show, giving you uninterrupted music till the early ours.


Arpan Devotional time

(Compiled by Mr. Jagdish Dixit)

Time to make peace with God and yourself. You remain constantly unadulterated and free from obstacles during this hour of religious harmony.


Raising with the East

This is a holocaust! A show that gives you that perfect answer to your mental capabilities. You might think you are bright, until you listen to this show.

9:00-12:00 pm


-Parveen Adam

News, views and interviews take the cake in this show. If you have a medical problem or legal hassles then you have chosen the right station and show. The show features doctors, lawyers, social workers, and professionals in all fields of work and entertainment. Playing you the hits of the 50’s, 60’s to Mid 70’s Parveen Adam’s an expert at compiling all in one!



– Ranveer Kalsi

Its lunch time, and what better way to keep you entertained with music that goes with your lunch. Let the aroma of Eastern music spice up your lunch as you sit back and listen to the hits of 80’s, 90’s and latest film music. Have a chat with Ranveer Kalsi as you take part in confusion time.


Dil chatha hai

– Pinky

Request time! Yes that’s right no matter where you are, as long as you are tuned to East FM, just get thru to her via email, fax, sms, or simply call 254, Area Code 20 and Studio Number 535000 and ask Pinky to play your favorite song.




Listen to all the new music with a cross over of Indian Pop, bhangra, Local music and English. Get what’s happening around the world as well as Bollywood gossip.


Moonlight Shadows

– Sanjeev Sharma

It’s all in the family yaar! Nothing beats a good evening of entertainment. This is the ultimate family show, within phone in competitions, anything from a mind trap to a hot spot, a night at the movies or just a Bollywood question. Lots of suspense and makes you think before you have a night cap.

10:00-12:00am (Mid night)


– Mehul

Ahh! Monday night…just one of those days that needs soothing classical music. But that’s not all, lots of other features to keep you awake till late.

This schedule above is a schedule for a full day/night. Starting form 12 am (mid night) and finishing the next night at 12 am (mid night). This is an organized schedule which is cleverly planned because it’s planned to run according to the age group of people who listen to the radio during a specific time. For example: At 12om, lunch time, a specific type of music will be played according to the age group of people listening!

I have noticed that this schedule shows the amount of different presenters there are for the shows. I have also noticed that the radio presenters are mixed genders so both; males and females. I have found it fascinating that during 5-7am there is a show where the listens can ‘interact’ with God. It’s also good to know that the time planned for this show to run is just perfect, as the sun rises, 5am; it’s the time where many religious people many wish to meditate.

* Conclusion

After investigating different types of radio stations and listening to their shows I have come to a conclusion. The radio stations listened to were Galaxy, Classic FM. I listened to them at the same time but obviously on different days. I came to know that overall the radio stations DO play music according to time. What I mean by that is that when I listened to galaxy at 10pm, the music was dance and it was for people who didn’t go out to a club and were at home. The music was very fast and uplifting, not exactly like pop.

Galaxy FM sure is a good local radio stations. One of its best qualities is the amount of dance music it plays at night (as I have already stated!) You’ll often find that radio stations (especially radio1) are a bit boring at night and it’s the time where either the obscure music or love songs come out to play. Well, not on Galaxy 105. They probably realized this and took advantage of the gap, and they have filled it well.

Galaxy can be found in about 6 different parts of the country at the moment and will probably expand further. The main types of music you will find on the show are pop and dance and new, up and coming music. You’ll also get the local news and weather as well as the national news! This is good because it does somehow share a quality national radio does.

Galaxy do have a lot of ‘back to back’ music slots in which there are no adverts at all for a certain period at all and no DJ’s. This is used to its best when they stick on the dance remixes which comprise of old school dance tunes mixed into newer dance tunes that you will hear in the clubs.

Equally on the other hand Classic FM is incomprehensible because it insists on diluting the music they play with DJ chatter, long reports on sporting events, as well as adverts. Classic FM feels it is necessary to dumb down the music they present by playing only individual movements out of a piece.

If a composer chooses to write a concerto in three movements or a symphony in four, it is because s/he has conceived of the piece in this form. To rip out one of these movements and present it alone because it has a jolly tune or whatever is to do violence to the inspiration of the composer. Moreover, repetitive words such as “relaxing”, “soothing” can get irritating.

Overall, Galaxy and Classic FM are two very different radio stations because I have also proved this by showing how different they are in the music played and the way presenters deliver their shows.

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