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Before we start digging in to the main benefits of computer application like the used of Microsoft application, it is important first to understand how this affects the workplace and the people who applies it. Many would see now that people in order for them to be more competitive in the workplace, they need to have substantial knowledge in computer application in order for them to perform effectively in the workplace. This is even a requirement that most companies would see before they hire a person for the company, that they should not only be knowledgeable on it but must be experienced in using it.

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Actually, the main reason is that most companies at the present. Like one study that was conducted in Institute of Internal Auditors in Dallas Texas, it shows that using a computer application tool really helps in monitoring reports and managing support tickets as well as how it can be resolved effectively. An automated paper with the use of known computer application in the business really helps, unlike using the manual documentation; it can really be a source of problem is applied. Automation and accurate presentation of reports in the business can really be achieved.

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(See Figure 1 – 5). Figure1. (Trampe, John et’ al, 2002, p. 6) It really shows here in the figure above that automated documentation tool has been a mandatory need for most businesses these days because not only it gives company’s benefits for better safekeeping of records which needs for auditing transactions and operations of the company. Figure2. (Trampe, John et’ al, 2002, p. 6) Replacing the manual documentation of processes and transaction is now starting to be strictly implemented in the business.

It does not only gives the business a more transparent way of performing the business but also it is the trend and process how other businesses also do which will be the key for effective integrating their business with others. Figure3. (Trampe, John et’ al, 2002, p. 7) Automated work paper software can be seen in the figure above that there are companies that would settle for built in softwares in managing documentation. Unlike others would still settle to have a more customized way of using it which comprise of 30% in the figure above.

This also falls MS applications like MS Word and Excel where companies due to its variety of needs may not have a pre set documentation templates instead it needs to be customized. Figure4. (Trampe, John et’ al, 2002, p. 8) In the figure above, Microsoft applications still shown to be a dominant computer application tool that can be used in the business because of its flexibility and functionality still has a big percentage. Figure5. (Trampe, John et’ al, 2002, p. 9)

Not only for simple documentation and reporting needs in the business but also for resolution tracking and support utilization, computer application can also be used and utilized. This can also be customized according to needs by the business. But based from the study, there are really some proven and effective study that shows how computer application impacts the workplace. Like in New Zealand, there have been identified benefits for computer technologies in the workplace that is continually being studied which has been seen a potential factors that need to be considered and these are the following:

1. Performance organization – computer technologies must not be considered just a tool but in fact it should be used to make the company perform effectively and focus mainly on how the companies perform. 2. International competitiveness and development – global competitiveness is really another concern for many businesses these days and with the use of computer applications, it can also help that attain that goal. 3.

Social and sustainable development – focusing on improving the skills of people and not just helping the business to grow. 4. Ecommerce and ICT innovation – this has always been a trend that businesses must follow in order to be competitive and have a smooth integration of their business in the global scene. 5. Wealth Creation – it is possible that for every company, if computer applications are applied well, there could be wealth in it, like reducing cost and time for business processes and transactions.

(Zorn, Ted, 2003). But, among all of these benefits, communication has been the main driver for computer technologies nowadays, most especially the use of word documentation using the tool such as MS Word. It helps employees improved their skills in communication and has given a lot of influence and benefits in the growing demand for business requirements and information dissemination which has to be accurate and effective. (Reinard, D, 2007).

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