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Developing themselves to cover 3 main areas of adhering (personal leadership, leading others and leading issues), a successful professional takes ownership of themselves and plays an active role In the development of others. The eight remaining professional areas are: Organization Design Organization Development Resounding and Talent Planning Learning and Talent Development Performance and Reward Employee Relations Employee Engagement Information and Service Delivery 1. 3 Behaviors Curious Interested and open-minded to methods that help further the organization and is focused on the future.

Decisive thinker Analytical, quick to process data and is able to use this skill in a way to settle on an outcome beneficial to self and organization. Skilled influencer using their Influence Is able to gain support and commitment from others, In order to assist the organization, in reaching their goals. Driven to deliver Focused on delivering the best results for the organization. Collaborative organization. Personally credible Adds value to both HER and the organization by using their knowledge and understanding to deliver a professional service. Courage to challenge

Management and Hr Function Hr TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

Demonstrates an assertive attitude when challenging others, undeterred when met with resistance. Role model Acts in an impartial, independent and professional manner in order to balance the needs of the organization and the workforce. 2. 0 Employee Relations (ERR) Band 1 To guarantee good employee relations, it is important to ensure employees of all levels understand and support the values of the organization, so that targets and goals can be reached. Making everyone aware of ERR policies and practices will allow both employees and management to be fully aware of what is expected of them, and ivies a baseline from which to work.

Offer support and advice when handling conflicts that arise by being assertive, and knowledgeable, in ERR law. Support the individualistic of the employees whilst helping them develop, to meet the needs of the organization. By keeping up to date with changes in the employment laws that effect the organization HER practitioners can be confident in the level of service provided. Understanding legislation will allow practitioners to be aware of potential risks and enable appropriate action to be taken.

Keeping up to date with current isolation will allow HER practitioners to give current and professional advice, which will instill faith and trust in its customers. 2. 1 The activities and knowledge most essential to my role Keeping up to date with current legislation is one of the most important parts of my role as a recruitment administrator. Legislation is changing at a very fast pace as we introduce more diverse groups, into the workplace. Failing to be aware of current changes leaves my organization at risk, so to prevent that, I have subscribed to the Personnel Today magazine and regularly check employment law websites.

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