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The HER Map Is split Into 3 separate areas, which have detailed below: Professional: This will detail each area of HER starting from the top (Insights, Strategy and Solutions) this Is at the centre of the HER map because this Is where the understanding of the business starts. Then follows Leading HER, which can only start once you have a clear understanding of the business as a whole, not all HER professionals will have a leading’ role but it is still important to develop In this area.

The surrounding areas are a more general overview that will assist you with making a decision of the area you are most suited to work in, either as a generalist or in a more specialist role. Behavior: This will detail a total of eight different behaviors, which will help you to find your strengths in the area you would like to work, and also in which banding. For example: if you are at entry level in your HER career you will be deemed as stage one, and behaviors required would be curious, driven to deliver and personally credible.


If for example you are already In a Leadership role you could be classed as Band 3 or & 4, and behaviors would include Decisive thinker, skilled influencer, courage to challenge, and driven to deliver. This Is useful for personal development, by completing the HER map It will help to gaslight which area you may wish to specialist in, and assist you in your current role. It may also allow you to request specific training, or to seek a promotion. It may even allow you to apply for a new Job you think you may be more suited to, and gain the necessary experience to further your HER career.

Band’s of Competence: The bands are broken Into 4 sections from Band 1 (Entry level) to Band 4 (Management level). TLS Information Is useful to see which areas you are most interested in, and where you would like to develop. 1 OFF example, what areas of responsibility are you interested in? If your answer were – I am happy to provide administrative support to the HER manager accurately and efficiently, then you would be more suited to a Band one.

If you are more interested in a leadership role and have the behavioral attributes as detailed in the map touched on earlier, then you would be more suited to Band 3 or 4, which will mean you will have more responsibility with decision making. This will require you to have a greater understanding of the business as a whole, and how to assist in development, assisting with strategy and planning, and being able to deal with more challenging situations.

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