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The following questions in an essay format no more than 275 words per question or topic: In this evolving, Internet-driven economy, discuss the drivers for the shift to flattened organizations. Is this based on a financial, organizational, or technological motive? If it is more than financial, what does it suggest to you about organizational management and leadership? The flattening of organizations are usually done by changing the organizational structure of a firm depending on the available resources.

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For example, the availability of new information communication technology tools allow for organizations to be able to adapt integrated roles within human resources so that a matrix type of organization — organizational structures which have been proven to be more efficient not only from the point of view of human resource efficiency but also in the decreasing of timelines from start to finish of both products and services — may be integrated.

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Definitely, although finance of course place a great deal in the changing of the organizational structure, various other factors involved may be able to shift an organization’s operations through making use of such available tools to decrease the need of leadership to perform a bureaucratic style of management (Markus ; Robey, 1988). Historical management documentation shows that before the Industrial Revolution, bureaucracy had been the leading method in order to manage the operations of the firm.

However, because of the specialization of labor, previously extremely bureaucratic firms have now been able to shift towards operations wherein there is a decentralized process that allows for the integration of departments and even the creation of specialized forces to carry out goals. The technological revolution, another innovation in the field of management that could be compared to the Industrial Revolution, is further able to decrease organizational hierarchy towards a flatter organizational structure.

DQ2: (This DQ question is focused on allowing you to think about your dissertation) As doctoral learners, how do you plan to leverage the Internet as you prepare for your dissertation stage? Also, can you compare how research was done prior to the advent of the Internet with how it is done today as it relates to scholarly writing impact via the internet? Note: Do not limit your response to just a€? Searcha€? facilities and functions a€¦. and only discussing efficiency with the internet.

As doctoral learners, perhaps the most significant contribution of the Internet is the wide availability of resources online in real time that is essential in the learning aspect and the research aspect of the field and process. For example, in the past, in order to facilitate doctoral data-gathering, the time it took for research such as peer-reviewed journals and other essential up-to-date references to days or even weeks just for such research to arrive to the the student.

The Internet, however, has been able to significantly speed up this process by making available resources and websites that focus on academic institutions and the data-gathering process that is required in this level of academic research. For example, Google scholar, just one of the many tools that is available for researchers, is able to aggregate knowledge through the integration of peer-reviewed journal website databases into its own external database to have a large collection of references regarding a topic (Odlyzko, 2002).

In fact, specialized searches in Google scholar allow for researchers to be able to constrain search results to specify dates, topics, and even focus only to those articles that are available without purchase — truly an essential resource for up-to-date research in the fields involved. Also, such searches may also be used to semantic language without the need for complicated keywords and search strings which could again increase the efficiency — and not only the availability — of research that is needed to be able to facilitate PhD learning.

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