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I am being micro managed and no one likes this type of treatment. Normally, people In leadership positions have scores that are higher than their workers scores. How would you explain that? Sometimes leaders think they are doing a good Job motivating their workers and that is not the case because of the work climate. Employees perform better in a climate that promote success by allowing employees to feel a part of a team, this makes the employee feel valued and therefore motivating them to perform at a high standard.

People In leadership positions normally have the opportunity to work independently, using their own ideas in addition, thoughts and receiving constructive criticism from their leaders. Not all employees are the same so employee motivation is going to vary from person to person, this Is another reason why people In leadership positions have higher scores than their workers. Sometimes workers feel that leadership does not care about them or the work they are doing does not have a purpose or it is all for nothing.

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Work climate is very important to ensure that all employees feel that they are a part of the team and the work their doing is important to the overall success of the team. Based on the MSP results compare and contrast the mall ways in which your Job can e redesigned. Looking at the MSP results my job score high in all areas but there is 1 OFF autonomy dimension, by the time an officer reaches the rank of Lieutenant Colonel (ALT) he or she wants to be in charge of something and the current environment does not allow that to happen based on the structure.

After company command at the rank of Captain an Army officer starts working on a staff and most times he or she is not the primary staff officer in charge. Army staff work is like being part of branch or project team in corporate America. So once the rank of L ETC is achieved this is the ext opportunity for he or she to lead a team or group of individuals. Giving young Lets the opportunity to lead section could improve that officer’s view of his or her Job and possibly improve that performance and quality of work.

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