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According to the survey, there was a positive relationship between servant leadership Furthermore, there was also positive relationship between servant leadership and effectiveness in the team. Thus, servant leadership proves to have developmental effect on corporate organization. 1 _ Introduction Since both organization and people in the organization are facing a changing world, It Is Important to seek a suitable type of leadership to manage people In the organization. Tracing back to the past, leadership changed together with development of human civilization from modern leadership to postmodern leadership.

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A leader Is now given a brand new concept. In modern leadership, leaders used to act like a “big brother” ordering people, but in postmodern adhering, leaders act as servants serving people. This research paper is focus on the servant leadership. The research question Is what Is servant leadership’s developmental effect on corporate organization. With their Job. Thus, there was a positive relationship between servant leadership and Job satisfaction. Dry (2004) thought there was also a positive relationship between them .

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Furthermore, Irving ( 2005) made a conclusion that servant leadership helped to promote effectiveness in the teams. Herbert (2003) and Dry (2004) discussed similar questions and reached the similar conclusion, but in a slightly different way. Herbert studied workers’ overall and intrinsic Job satisfaction while Dry (2004) studied employees in different Job position and status. Thus, a positive relationship between servant leadership and employees’ satisfaction is proved in either a horizontal or a vertical way.

Irving ( 2005) made a further conclusion based on the conclusion of positive relationship between servant leadership and Job satisfaction. Servant leadership promoted effectiveness of team by providing Job satisfaction to employees. Since servant leadership is a postmodern theory, the related researches and studies are scarce. Although there is sufficient evidence that servant leadership can provide job satisfaction, it is not yet confirmed that team members’ happiness leads to organization’s happiness.

There is lacks of studies on how servant leadership can promote effectiveness of organization or why and how can leaders as servant further develop organization by providing employees’ satisfaction. Thus, future research is to further find out whether servant leadership helps to promote development of organization. 2. Methods and results The following research studies were conducted in order to seek an answer to the search questions of the developmental effect of servant leadership upon corporate Literature search The literature search was conducted between May 17th to May 31st.

It focused on the review of the positive relationship between servant leadership and Job satisfaction among employees. ( egg. Workers’ overall and intrinsic Job satisfaction, employee’s commitment to organization with servant leadership ) The following databases were searched: http://scholar. Google. Com/ wimpiest. Com http://www. Lollygag. Com/Display. Asp? Page=dissertations_theses These three articles were selected because they are relatively current dissertations n servant leadership and have been cited by later scholars. Besides, scientific methods are used to measure Job satisfaction.

Herbert (2003) used Organizational Leadership Assessment (OLLA), The Norman-Cooke-Norman Job Satisfaction Scale (MIMICS). Dry (2004) used An analysis of variance (NOVA). Irving (2005) used The Questionnaire. Thus, their researches were based on sufficient statistics. Herbert (2003) and Dry (2004) shared the same research questions and verified Job satisfaction as one of the positive impacts of servant leadership in corporate organization. However, Irving (2005) further studied some attributes of servant adhering including love, empowerment, vision, humanity and trust and their positive impact on corporate organization.

Servant leadership’s attributes led to Job satisfaction among employees, which promoted effectiveness of the organization management. In this way, they confirmed that servant leadership promoted development of organization. 3. Discussion Based on the studies mentioned above, servant leadership has unique attributes of management such as love, empowerment, vision, humanity and trust. These attributes have a positive relationship with Job satisfaction among employees. In the other word, employees working in the company, where this type of management is performed, demonstrate fulfillment to their Job.

Furthermore, The Team Effectiveness Questionnaire by Irving( 2005) showed that employees satisfied with their Job were able to perform effectively among the team in the company. In this way, Job satisfaction has a positive relationship with team effectiveness. Thus, a conclusion is made that servant relationship has a positive relationship with organization development. It means that servant relationship has a developmental effect upon reporter organization, which correctly answered the research question mentioned in the beginning.

Since the methodology and results used in the research were performed by expert scholars in the related field such as Hubert( 2003), Dry (2004) and Irving ( 2005), the conclusion is fairly grounded . However, admittedly, studies related to servant leadership are scant and therefore the data found is rather limited. Besides, the survey or questionnaires were conducted in only one country the U. S. A. There is no data related to countries in Asia in terms of servant leadership, which means that the search results fail to show the whole picture of the world.

Finally, due to limits in time and money, the researcher only cited the results of former research to support the conclusion without conducting any new surveys and questionnaires. Although the cited research is conducted by experts in the related field, there will definitely be significant results in the process of conducting the new survey and questionnaires. Meanwhile, the researcher will have a more realistic understanding about the research question. Thus, if time and money is permitted, the further research should cover more entries in Asia and in Europe in order to reveal more actual practice of servant leadership.

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