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Finally, the idea of using smart objectives to achieve goals, having something that Is easily measurable ND focuses you on an end goal is something that would be extremely useful, both at work and at home. When reading that “academics argue that leadership Is no more than management done well”, this set me thinking about personal experience of previous managers. Was it that they lead the team well that made them a good manager? I compare two managers when reflecting on this question. One of which gained the respect of the team, by encouragement and confidence.

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Her Instructions were always clear and targeted to deliver results. She was calm and In control of every situation. This ousted staff morale and led us to believe in her and follow her example. This made her a great leader, which also made her a good manager. The other manager was somewhat the opposite. Always in a panic, never set realistic targets and her focus was never on the end goals. The team wasn’t Inspired to follow her example. Rather we just followed instructions of a manager. Reflecting on this now, she was not a bad manager, just not a leader.

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This draws me to believe that, management is actually no more than leadership done well. Since reading about this, I have started to think bout my behaviors In my personal life to become a stronger leader, such as being more confident in my decisions. From the case study “walking in the mountains” I learned that being honest about my doubts doesn’t have to stop me from doing things, this is something that I have always let hold me back from challenges. In the future I will be more conscious of this and list the things that I doubt about myself and make a list of ways to overcome them. 1 OFF manager.

In the case study “Mania’s story’, Mina didn’t feel as though she was in intro, and this affected her ability to implement the changes she wanted to see from past managers. I find I always Judge managers based on their ability to problem solve and implement change, without looking at the wider aspects of their role. Their role is about balance. When I read about Payola’s five most quoted ideas, forecasting and planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating and controlling, I began to realize that the Job role of a manager is much more complex than Just the parts that immediately impact my role within the business.

Moving forward I will be less quick to Judge their actions, think about what they are balancing before letting it affect my impressions of them as a manager. This quick to Judge attitude sometimes makes it hard for managers to manage me. So I will focus on the positives of them as a manager and the control they have, rather than the negatives of what they could be doing. This in turn should make me an easier person to manage within the team as I should have more respect for the Job they do. Target setting and objectives have always seemed a little tedious and repetitive to me.

However when I read about SMART objectives, that they should be achievable and time defined, this is something that I could use not only at work but in my personal life too. I have trouble with time management and am in essence lazy, but I work well to targets and goals and am motivated to achieve when a challenge is set for me. I always thought I lacked motivation, when I read about smart objectives I learnt that I Just lacked the ability to be specific and time defined. As an example, I bought two picture frames to fill with family pictures; I looked at them sat on the floor empty for three weeks or more.

Every day I would wake up and think, I need to do that still. But never actually sat down and made time to fill them. After I read the section about smart objectives in the course book, I took ten minutes to write a list of five things I wanted to achieve that week. One was fill the picture frames, the second was read chapter three of the course book, third was tidy out my wardrobe, fourth was make time for friends and finally fifth was buy a new gym t-shirt. I allotted a day that week and an amount of time for the task. At the end of that week, I reviewed the sit and everything was ticked off it as completed.

It felt so good to finally be able to say I had done those things, that I in fact wasn’t lazy. It felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I proved to myself that target setting and objectives were a useful part of life and something that I shouldn’t view as tedious or repetitive. They could actually help me to get where I want to go in life if I used them properly. Now when it comes to target setting and monthly reviews at work, I look forward to the new challenge, knowing that they are achievable, relevant, specific to me, that my anger will be able to measure my progress against them and most importantly for me time defined.

In conclusion, I believe improving my leadership skills by embracing my doubts and using them to achieve goals, asserting control in and of my life, balancing all the aspects of it, and the ability to set smart objectives, stick to them and achieve things will improve my ability to improve my life and aim for better things. The thing I found easiest in this task was identifying the areas I wished to cover in the essay. This was because all three ideas made an immediate impact in my life, by aging me think about my actions and ways that I could improve them.

The thing that was hardest was planning for the essay. What I was going to write. How it would all come together, basic essay writing skills that I have not used for nearly ten years. It was a daunting task and I put it off for many days. In the future, I will a lot extra time to planning out my essay and study the chapters with the thought that I need to write an essay about what I read. Better notes in order, highlighted when I know I want to include that information may make the process easier and quicker.

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