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Combining management and technology

Technology defines the lifestyle that we human beings live. Technology even decides who among the nations are the world power. Often times technology decides the outcome of war, battle or any sort of conflict. Technology are used to aid man achieve more productivity like high technological machines in factories. Technology contributes a lot in medicine like how MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is able to get a complete picture of the human body. In simple terms man creates new technology to make our lives easier. Technology is basically what we are right now.

Management and Technology TOPICS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU

Discovering and creating new technology is just one aspect of the whole story. Engineers, scientist and other researches develop new technological advancement but at the back of this, there is another process, the management of the development cycle to insure that the development is successful. Later when the technology is already ready for use, another management phase takes place. Without the proper management of its use, technology is nothing more than a piece of thing.  Management and technology are like couples, one cannot leave without the other. Management is as important as the engineering or development aspect of technology. While management focuses on the resources, processes and timing of the technology being worked out or being used, technology on the other hand does the real action. It is therefore of great important that one should consider the combination of management and technology not just one of them. If one has to plan to go to engineering or research career in the future, he/she must take into consideration the combination of management and technology.

Interests in both Business and Engineering

As has already been explained that management is an important couple of technology, the higher level of this relates to business and engineering. Management is more of the business aspect of an engineering product or process because it dwells on resources and timing. Engineering on the hand is more of what embodies the technological aspect. Engineering as what people describe is much like a scientist. The difference is that while engineers are always thinking of the business aspect, scientists normally do not take into regard the business aspect. Engineers develop new technology to earn while on the other hand scientists develop merely just to test or try if a concept really works. So therefore this is of great interest to me knowing that engineering always involves business. With business mindedness, I tend to shape my idea of sustaining myself in the future while at the same time fulfilling my innovative mind with the engineering principles. I tend to become very creative for the purpose of being able to sell my perceived products in the future. These are my interest when I put myself in the side of an engineer. Knowing that in the future I will be involve in shaping the future, in shaping the way human beings live without forgetting that I should also be able to earn from my contributions.

I have seen this article in Boston Business Journal entitled “Program boosts students’ interest in engineering” which made me believe that a lot of people are in the same page as I am. Children tend to be attracted to engineering as what the article showed that “a lot of kids who don’t do well in other school programs do well in this CityVision program” (Holmwood, 2001). With this in mind and my interest of its couple which is business I am assured that my interest will bring to some heights in the future.


Holmwood, M (2001). Program boosts students’ interest in engineering. Retrieved from the Washington Business Journal website: http://washington.bizjournals.com/washington/stories/2001/02/12/focus13.html

 September 17, 2007

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