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The corporate strategy and the operations management teams are linked together in a working relationship which operates in terms of alignment in strategy between the corporation and the immediate environment. The corporate strategy is evaluated in terms of its consistency with reference to its application on the running of the operational functions of the corporation. In the evaluation of the organization’s corporate strategy, one important factor of consistency in strategy is considered. This consistency in strategy occurs when the corporations’ actions are in consistency with what the management expects.

This acts as a pointer to the fact that for everything that the company undertakes to do, it must ensure that it is consistent with what the operations management expects. In the absence of a consistent strategy, the corporation will automatically operate at a loss because production has to match demand. The goods thus produced have to be on time as well. The organization’s corporate strategy structure includes technocrats and stakeholders so as to ensure all the possible areas of weaknesses are taken care of in order to avoid any shortcomings in operations.


This structure of organization is very effective as it ensures coordination between the corporate strategy department and the operations management leading to an increase in production and an effective marketing team. In terms of evaluating the performance of these two interrelated departments, Toyota Corporation does it in a continuing process to evaluate and at the same time control the areas that the corporation involves itself in such as business as well as industries.

In this process, the corporation does the assessment of adherence to its set goals, the organizations it competes with and the relevance and effectiveness of the laid down strategies. The assessment is done regularly so as to ensure that the corporate strategy and operations management departments are under constant evaluation to ensure efficiency and to seal any possible loopholes (Jakotiya, 2003, pp. 64-82). The organizations that have the potential to offer serious competition are studied keenly and an appropriate strategy is devised to counter any of their maneuvers that could otherwise cut the company’s market share if left unchecked.

In evaluating these departments and the suitability of their strategies, the corporation ensures a proper assessment so that it can be determined whether there is success and if not, whether there is need for a replacement by putting in new strategies that can meet the changing circumstances, emerging competitors, changing technologies and new environment in terms of economical, financial, social and political factors.

3. Ways in which Toyota’s operations add value to the diversity of goods and services. The corporate strategy and operations management departments of Toyota Corporation function in a complementary way so as to ensure that there are no loopholes that can lead to failures in the manufacturing plant or in the marketing team as well as the logistics department which falls under the corporate strategy department.

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