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The philosophy of Evergreen International Aviation Inc has not changed since it was formulated in 1960. It states as follows; “The company is our purpose and safety is our top priority. Our customer service team is made up of top professionals dedicated to customer satisfaction in every way. They work closely with our quality control managers to assure every facet of every project is done to the highest possible standards- on time, every time” (OneAero, 2009).

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From this philosophy, it can be deduced that Evergreen International Aviation employees are expected to work solely for the good of the company. Evergreen values its customers and endeavors to gain their loyalty through quality service delivery. “Quality without compromise” is a banner at the home page of the organization’s site and sums up their efforts in delivering quality service to their customers (Evergreen, n. d). It is worth noting that some of the subsidiary companies, especially the agricultural related and the humanitarian companies may have a different philosophy.

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An analysis of the job offerings at Evergreen International Aviation Inc reveals an emphasis on qualities such as ability to organize, analytical skills, ability to think strategically and ability to work with minimal supervision (Jobcircle, 2008). It also includes the person who the prospective employee will be required to report to. This implies that Evergreen International Aviation has a fairly democratic management style in which the contribution of employees is expected and in fact, encouraged.

The job qualification skills imply that employees should be able to organize their work for themselves under minimal supervision from their seniors. They are expected to come up with ideas which will contribute to effective running of the business even as they are answerable to those in a more senior position. This management style has contributed greatly to the success of Evergreen International Aviation Inc since it allows those with expertise in a particular field to bring in their knowledge and skills to the table so that after an analysis of the pool of diverse ideas, the best approach for a particular project is then decided upon.

Accomplishments in the past ten years Since its foundation, Evergreen International Aviation Inc has come in leaps and bounds, recording tremendous successes and emerging as a force to reckon with in the provision of aviation services. The accomplishments of Evergreen are in form of awards as well as key contract deals which enhance business performance. Some of these accomplishments that have been gained within the last ten years are as follows;

In 2004, Evergreen International Airlines was given the Regional Commitment to safety award by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This award served to portray Evergreen as a quality service provider who has safety as their first priority (Evergreen, n. d). Also in 2004, Evergreen International Airlines was presented with at least 200 awards by the U. S. Air Force Air Mobility Command (AMC) because of supporting International airlift services during the war in Iraq.

Between Feb 8 2003 and June 18 2003, Evergreen flew more than 200 missions and 7500 hours in support of the operations of AMC. Evergreen staff also received awards for their worthwhile contributions (Evergreen, n. d). In 2005, Evergreen International Aviation Inc was nominated for the Flight International Aerospace Industry Award which is given in recognition of significant achievements in aviation. This nomination was on account of the work of Evergreen in developing the Evergreen Supertanker which is a Boeing 747 and advanced aerial application aircraft (Evergreen, n.

d). Also in 2005, Evergreen International Aviation Inc and its subsidiary company, Evergreen Helicopters of Alaska Inc reported to having flown for more than 49, 700 total flight hours without a reported accident or aviation insurance claim (Pilkington, 2005). This is a very significant achievement since it portrays an achievement of the organization’s mission and philosophy which call for quality service delivery and the top most priority of the company which is safety.

Another 2005 accomplishment was when Evergreen international Aviation received the Global Business Award which is given by Oregon Consular Corps. This award is given to Oregon based companies who have contributed significantly to international business and Evergreen is one of the five companies based in Oregon to receive it (Evergreen,n. d). Also in 2005, Evergreen was selected as the prime contractor, which would operate, support as well as maintains the Boeing Dreamlifter for the entire duration of the 787 program, lasting for 20 to 25 years.

The subsidiaries of Evergreen were expected to play different roles: aircraft operation was to be done by Evergreen International Airlines, Evergreen Air Center was to provide maintenance and Evergreen Aviation Ground Logistics Enterprises (EAGLE) was to provide ground handling. These combined capabilities made it the most suitable contractor for the job. As a follow up in 2007, Evergreen was certified by the FAA to fly the Boeing Dreamlifter and 747-400 aircraft.

The certification gives them full operational control and provided EIA with new opportunities since the aircraft upgraded the commercial operations of EIA (Evergreen, n. d). In 2006, Evergreen International Aviation, through its subsidiary company, Evergreen International Airlines was given the Diamond special Award of Excellence for Aviation Maintenance in recognition for achieving 100% participation in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). It is worth noting that this award was given after Evergreen had received the Diamond Certificate of Excellence Award for three years consecutively.

This award is normally given to companies which encourage their employees to participate in regular recurrent aviation maintenance training, even to a level that goes beyond the compulsory requirements of FAA (Evergreen, n. d) The agricultural related companies have not been left out in the list of accomplishments. In July 2007, the 2004 Del- Mar Pinot Noir wine, a production of the Evergreen Vineyards, was awarded a gold medal by the Indy International Wine Competition, from a total of 3,800 entries produced in seventeen different countries which participated in the competition.

This is the largest wine competition in the United States. Furthermore, the ’05 Del-Mar Pinot Noir wine won a bronze medal in the 2007 San Francisco International Wine Competition (Evergreen, n. d). Another wine, the Evergreen Vineyards Spruce Goose 2004 Oregon Pinot Gris won a silver medal in one of the most prestigious wine industry awards; the Dallas Morning News Wine Competition. This portrays Evergreen Vineyards as capable of providing quality wine and has boosted the company’s image (and sales) tremendously.

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