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At the root of marketing is a simple exchange between a business and customer. Marketing became a mainstream business practice with the development of technology and infrastructure which brought on an increase in competition amongst businesses. Today consumers are well informed and no longer obligated to simply purchase a product in order to fulfil a need. With this, the power has shifted from businesses to the customer.

Successful marketing lies in how well a business is able to engage with the audience with the objective being to stand out and create a unique connection with customers against a highly saturated market. Marketers have the responsibility of creating value for customers, businesses, and the society in general. The mix of relevant employable skills, abilities and personal qualities required to be a successful marketer are transferable into all industries.

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A marketing job will be well suited to an individual who is able to recognise customer problems, needs, and wants, and is able to develop and communicate a satisfactory solution across to the target audience whilst also maintaining the respectability of the organisation. Marketing is a continuing process and with customer preferences constantly evolving a successful marketer must be able to develop and implement a strategic marketing plan that persuades the audience to choose your product above all others.

Aspects of psychology, sociology, and economics are also used when putting marketing into action. An effective marketer is able to empathise with the people and cater to the markets changing needs whilst maintaining a relevant relationship with existing customers. Creating loyal customers is the ultimate goal. To put it into perspective, popular household brands such as Apple or Coca Cola may very well be virtually unknown without the efforts of a talented marketing team behind them.

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