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Facilitates effective tapping to chosen market Makes the marketing effort more efficient and economic Helps identify less satisfied segments and concentrate on them. A report and study on the Segmentation of the existing company- Introduction on the basis of the segments. Examples – Nikkei, Macdonald, Raymond etc. In this section you have to provide the details of how the company segmented the market. You have to show the segmentation on the basis I. E. Demographic, Geographic. Cryptographic. And Behavioral Segments. (You can choose combinations or do all or do any of the one I. Demographic and geographic or only cryptographic. You can choose the number of divisions you want to show as the compact/s segmentation of the market and even for your product line you can choose how many ever subdivisions under each base you want for the product line you chose) Market segmentation of the product line chosen bayou -you have to choose a combination or any one or all the basis of segmentation and classify you product. Examples – cosmetics, hygiene products, herbal products. Watches, paints, glasses, coffee shops, boutiques and food products,

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If supposing you choose Macdonald as your company Of how It segments the market (under the topic Of how the company segments the market) – the Demographic, Geographic, Cryptographic, and Behavioral Segments, then you ARE NOT suppose to chose your product line as food It should be something other than the food chain I. E. Cosmetics, watches, paints etc. You CANNOT choose KEF or subway as your product line. Example for watch segmentation (our product line – watch) on the basis of demographic aspect Age, sex (many more subdivisions are there)

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Age – kids, children. Adults and senior adults The Information In each category wall be the pictures of the watches according to the age category I. E. Tort kids it can be Benny watches or Barbie watches. Also you have to mention the age group I. E. For kids it can from 3-5 and children can be 6-10 and so on. Pictures should be of Benny watches and Barbie watches and children who fall under that age group. Under adults. According to sex I can classify as men and women and under both categories you have to mention the age group with respective pictures.

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