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A marketing plan to help Vanilla organization Vanilla, one of top milk manufacturers in Vietnam, is specializing in manufacturing high quality products from core dairy products include liquid and powdered milk to value – added dairy products such as condensed milk, cheese, yogurt and coffee… The organizational objectives are to grow Its market share In Vietnam as well as overseas countries. Hence, to expand market share In Australia, one of the large export markets of Vanilla, this organization has to develop a good marketing tragedy for a product named Dialed Sure.

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This product, which is developed by Center for Nutrition Research and Product Development of Vanilla, is good for older people and intolerant persons because it contains high protein and no lactose help to increase calcium absorption, digestion, advantageous bacteria and laxative, especially it is trusted to use as medicine. It is seen that there is a big opportunity for Vanilla Company to sell the special product in this prosperous country, Australia tit a highly developed economy and a diverse population, especially high demands of increasing number of older people on products good for their health and lifestyle.

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In addition, Vietnam and Australia are all members of World Trade Organization (WTFO), SEAN – Australian – New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (ANZA) and Salsa Pacific Economic Cooperation (APACE), therefore, Australia government breaks down trade barriers by liberalizing international trade and investment rules to support Vietnamese traders who want to run their business in Australia. However, to limit risks as well as human and financial resources, Vanilla would initially use exporting as the mode of entry in this target market.

It appears many challenges for Vanilla when exporting Dialed Ensure into Australia such as strong competition, different consumer’s needs and wants, strict regulations and high products standards… Conversely, Vanilla can expand their international business once Dialed Ensure is accepted in Australia market, it can be also sold In New Zealand and other markets where have high demands about products. The purpose of this report Is alma to increase the market share that Binomial organization holding through Introduction of Della Sure In the Australia market.

This report, however, Is prepared and based on assumption of Vanilla, marketing strategy proposed in the report may change and it does not guarantee that it can achieve success in Australia. Structure of this report comprises of: Marketing environment Foreign market analysis Marketing strategy Marketing implementation Financial Evaluation and control procedures Through these analyses, Vanilla will explore Australia market by this flexible marketing strategy with competitive prices and effective distribution channels, specially a product strategy.

And It Is expected that Blanks market share will be increased by 10 percent within two years when Dialed Sure is launched in Australia. Total Quality Management and Marketing Audit in evaluating and controlling marketing activities. These methods are very useful and efficient. Furthermore, Vanilla should manage its employees, who play a vital role in marketing activities, in n effort to satisfy their demands and needs.

If employees get high Job satisfaction and a strong commitment to the organization, employees will attempt in order to achieve the organization’s goal and objectives. In addition, Vanilla should focus on customer’s demands and wants first, and try to develop and maintain long – term customer relationships. Finally, it is the international business, there are many risks for the organization, it hence requires that Vanilla should prepare careful exit strategies for the bad situation happen in the future.

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