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Contract manufacturing reduces fullers beer company cost on the production line. Advantage The fullers company does not need buy beer manufacturing equipment, raw materials and save on labor costs. On the raw materials, manufacturers can be quickly to identify raw material quality and extent of damage on raw material. Local manufacturers have their own raw material suppliers, which can reduce the cost of beer on the material, but also can produce the high-quality beer. On the other hand, our company can focus on sales plan about hat the World Cup will be held In Brazil.

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Disadvantage We collaborate with local manufacturers. We will leak the brewing techniques and beer recipes. It is not benefit to compete with other beers company. In terms of quality, the manufacturer does not complete our expectations of beer products, and the quality of the beer does not make the local people are satisfied, and then the Image of our company will have a huge loss. This will make the local people contradict our products. On the other hand, language barriers and cultural differences, which may cause inconvenience to communicate, and in technology and requirements may have misunderstood. P changes Price In K, the fullers beer price is the 8 x mall bottles 17. 00, GAP per capita IS 39093 ;n 2013. In Brazil, the normal beer price IS the 8 x some bottles 12. 00, GAP per capita ;s 11340 in 2013. Compare with the UK GAP per capita, the Brazil GAP per capita only occupied the UK GAP per capita one third. In order to adapt the local market, we will use the price Is nearly local beer price. Let local customers to accept our products. Our prices will be closely to the local residents living standards.

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Product British favorite beer may not same as the Brazilian, so we will develop some new products that material will come from the mainland In Brazil. Brazilian like to drink slightly higher concentration of beer. We will Increase the concentration of beer In the original basis. In order to allow local residents to quickly adapt our products. Len Brazil, the football is very popular. Local people often have a party to celebrate their beloved football team win victory. Our reduce packaging will add some theme, in order to attract the local residents.

The bottle shape will be slightly changed, and launch some Limited edition of bottles, which will look like a football. Promotion In this time, the world cup will be hold in Brazil. Due to the world cup, audience rate of sport channel would be increase dramatically. We will use the TV advertising. In Brazil, the most popular sport channel Is TV SPORT INTEGRATION. We will Invite some football stars to add our advertisements. The most popular newspaper Is Folia De S. Paulo, leading the Portuguese-language Newspaper in Brazil.

We implanted our advertisements in the 1 OFF such as buy three get one free, promotional code and gift voucher. Place Our sales place has not much change. The main approach will set in the supermarket and wine bar. This is very popular place in Brazil. People Process In Britain, British brewing process temperature characteristics of the process are simple, easy to operate the brewing temperature, and it can be stored at room temperature, no electricity. In Brazil, We use the low temperature to ferment beer.

Refreshing and stimulating, it sakes you up with a pleasure of enjoying the rich, heady taste. Without any heat treatment and use the best way to keep the beer that has the maximize nutrients. Final Recommendation In order to fullers Beer Company can seize the Brazil beer market, I give the following suggestions. The upcoming 2014 World Cup in Brazil, this is a good opportunity to promote our products. The world Cup is a very important thing for Brazil. Everybody who loves football will see the World Cup. We should become a sponsor of the World Cup, and do our own brands advertising, such as The

World Cup fuller beer with you. This can improve the fuller beer brand awareness, so that the local people know that watching the World Cup, do not forget to drink a fuller beer. In Brazil, the most of the local pubs are largely identical but with minor differences . We can try to open a pub in Brazil, but these pubs should have some characteristics of the British pub and we only sell fullers beer. During the World Cup, we can engage several local football stars to meet with fans, so that the majority of consumers to know about the fuller beer.

In addition, we can also prepare some autographed photos of the stars to the consumers who spending up to a certain amount, in order to promote our products. Online advertising is the easiest way to enter the Brazil market. Brazilian spend time on the web is the first in the world, so we need to know which website is the most popular in Brazil. We can cooperate with these websites to promote our product. Moreover, we can invite some stars to attend the opening ceremony of our company and record video of our activities, and then put video onto the famous website.

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