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Hidden Valley Cabins is situated near Townville and has been operating for the past 22 years. The Hidden Valley Cabins can accommodate somewhere around 15 people for conferences at a time and up to 45 people for functions. Hidden Valley Cabins is one of the first carbon neutral accommodation and Tour Company in Australia. Marketing opportunities can help Hidden Valley Cabins to improve its current operations considerably. With the viability of making changes within the current operations the help Hidden Valley Cabins will be able to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors.


And with the help of a situational analysis Hidden Valley Cabins will be able to understand the needs and wants of their customers and will be able to cater to those demands and the management of the company will be able to target their market segments even more precisely. Introduction The paper shall be conducting an evaluation of marketing opportunities for Hidden Valley Cabins. A situational analysis would be conducted which will cover the market background, market size and growth, the key competitors, environmental factors, market segments and consumer behavior factors.

The paper shall also be looking for marketing opportunities for Hidden Valley Cabins along with financial viability opportunities and changes that need to take place to make the current operations better. Communicating to the stakeholders about the changes that are going to take place in the current operations in Hidden Valley Cabins. Purpose of the Report The major purpose of the report is to find marketing opportunities for Hidden Valley Cabins so that their current operations can be improved considerably. And to understand find out who is the target market of the company and how they can attract them to the cabins for a visit.

And with a greater understanding they will be able to gain an advantage over their competitors. Findings Situational Analysis One first steps that needs to be taken when companies like Hidden Valley Cabins identifies marketing opportunities for itself. It is with the help of situational analysis that Hidden Valley Cabins will be able to find that where it stands within its industry. The situational analysis is based on the following. • Market Background: Hidden Valley Cabins operates in the tourism industry of Australia. Tourism is one of the most fast developing industries in the market.

Tourism in Australia is considered to be one of the largest sectors of the economy, i. e. it basically represents somewhere around 4 percent of the country’s GDP. The structure of the industry is based in 3 kinds of tourists, i. e. international tourists, backpackers and domestic tourism. The people who would be visiting Hidden Valley Cabins would be domestic tourists. • Market Size: The market size of the tourism industry is quite big, i. e. there are great deals of domestic tourists who travel within the country. The market size of domestic tourists in dollars can be measured up to $63.

3 billion that is somewhere around 66. 1 million trips are taken overnight by Australians themselves. • Market Growth: The trend of tourism has been growing over the last two decades, but after the incident of 9/11 traveling has decreased, but it has again as people want to see new places. For example, a survey found out that somewhere around 5. 7 million tourists visited Australia by the year, i. e. April 2010. • Market Segments: The tourism industry of Australia is based on 3 segments and they are backpackers (i. e. young individuals who are working holidays so that they are able to see more of the country.

these people make up most of the tourists that visit the country), domestic tourists (i. e. Australian themselves go to different parts of the country for holidays) and international tourists (i. e. people who are visiting Australia for a short period of time). (Kevin & Kotler 2008) • Key Competitors: The key competitors of Hidden Valley Cabins are Pinewood Cabins and Best Western Fiddlers Inn. These hotels also provide similar facilities to its customers like Hidden Valley Cabins. These hotels are situated in the same area as the Hidden Valley Cabins and they even provide tours for their customers on demand.

• Environmental Factors: Hidden Valley Cabins is working very hard to save the environment. That is they are the first ones to become a carbon neutral accommodation and Tour Company, i. e. the company is contributing a great deal in preserving the environment so that they are able to reduce the carbon dioxide gases that leaves a great impact on climate change and global warming. Hidden Valley Cabins is also using solar power so that they are able to save somewhere around 78 tons of CO2 emissions every year. • Consumer Behavior Factors: Due to the recession people do not prefer to spend money on leisure things like tourism.

Therefore they prefer to visit places which will come within their budget. In this case Hidden Valley Cabins is a good option because they provide they customers packages which come under their budgets. (Kevin & Kotler 2008) Marketing Opportunities Hidden Valley Cabins can introduce visiting packages to their consumers and to those who are not their consumers as well. The can introduce more products like giving the customers a tour of Townsville and areas around it which is very somewhere around 103 km away from Hidden Valley Cabins in the North – West.

The company can provide different packages to their customer who wants to visit the Queensland, Australia. The company can provide holiday packages like for Easter or Christmas. The use of technology can also help the company to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors. For example, they can provide their customers to check-in the hotel online and they can pay for their visit online. This will help the company to cut its costs considerably and it will help them to focus on their customers even more than ever.

Technology is also going to help them by monitoring the internal and external events on a continuous basis so that changes can be made in a timely manner and when they are needed. To survive Hidden Valley Cabins must be able to identify and adapt themselves to change. Financial Viability Financial viability means that Hidden Valley Cabins is able to generate revenue so that they are able to operate. The different financial viability opportunities for Hidden Valley Cabins would be are as follows:- • Tours: Hidden Valley Cabins can provide tours of the Townsville and the areas around it, i.

e. they can provide a package of 2 days and 3 nights for $550 per person with accommodation and transportation along with one meal. • Dinner Parties: Hidden Valley Cabins can introduce themed dinner parties to their customers. They can charge $20 per person for dinner and fun and games. • Room Service: Hidden Valley Cabins can charge $5 extra for room service, this way the customers who do not want to dine in the hotel restaurant can dine-in their rooms. This can also include maid service as well, i. e. who can come in every day to clean up the rooms. (Kevin & Kotler 2008)

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