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Burger King is a leading brand having a global presence and widely recognised by its customers as a quality eatery serving high quality burgers and fries for decades. Since its inception in the year 1954 with one restaurant in Miami, the company has expanded its operations to nearly 72 countries across the globe having more than 11,500 outlets. The fast food chain is rated number 2 in the global markets after McDonalds. The company has reported an annual increase of 9. 9 percent in sales in the year 2008 and a net revenue growth of 28. 4 percent employing nearly 39,000 people.

In UK the fast food industry business has suffered significant setback in the past few years owing to the growing health concern over consumption of high calorie and fat foods by children and adolescents. Health campaigns have added to increasing awareness among consumers to change their food habits and tastes in accordance with the need to stay fit and healthy. “The UK fast food industry offers opportunities to both existing food retailers with unrealised potential and new entrants wanting to create a new brand for those who demand cuisines that share characteristics with today’s more conscientious consumers” (Richardson and Aguiar, 2004).


In line with this view, Burger King has decided to launch a new range of product “Healthy Snacks Joint” that will cater to health conscious consumers providing them with an extensive variety of tasty and healthy food items that will appeal to their taste buds. The following sections provide a detailed marketing plan highlighting the marketing strategies that will be adopted by the company to gain market share in the health foods segment. Marketing objectives The situational analysis for the fast food industry in UK highlights two important points.

First the growing health consciousness among the existing fast food consumers and the resultant change in consumer food habits and preferences. This has led to increasing search for healthy food alternatives that could provide them with exotic range of taste combined with healthy ingredients. This requires certain degree of innovation in providing the consumers satisfaction and at the same time enable them to enjoy the food as much as they do the fast food items. Secondly, there are limited alternatives available to fast food in UK markets and the existing choices range from salads, soups, juices, to sandwiches.

This kind of food does not hold much appeal to the fun-loving younger generation who love to binge on the kind of food that is high on calorie count. The Burger King plans to cash in on these existing market conditions to provide the consumers with new varieties and innovative ways of cooking and presenting the burger to the younger generation. The primary objective of the company is to endorse its burgers with the goodness of healthy ingredients and wholesome taste that will make the consumers ask for more. The company has defined the following marketing objectives:

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