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The matrix below shows the performances/effectiveness of marketing strategies of Coke and Pepsi in terms of extra profit through close comparison. This can provide information on what marketing strategy must Coke, or Pepsi, concentrate in order to have the optimal profit for their company. It would be advisable for Coke to implement and intensify their television advertisements since it provides the highest payoff for the company compared when they will use press etc.

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to market their products during the Olympics give that Pepsi provides threats. For instance, If Coke would implement Coke TV than with Coke Press, what ever the marketing strategy of Pepsi will be, either Pepsi TV or Pepsi Press, Coke will still have higher extra profits than with Pepsi. This is shown by the [Coke TV: Max payoff is in Pepsi Press etc = 28 vs. Pepsi TV: = Worst payoff is in Coke TV = 22].

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On the other hand, if Coke would choose to implement Coke Press than with Coke TV, then Coke will either have equal extra profit with Pepsi at Pepsi Press, shown by [Coke Press etc: Max payoff is in Pepsi Press etc = 13 vs. Pepsi Press etc: = Max payoff Coke Press etc = 13], or Pepsi will have higher extra profit than with Coke if Pepsi will implement Pepsis TV, shown by [Pepsi TV: Max payoff is in Coke Press etc = 28 vs. Coke Press etc: Max payoff is in Pepsi Press etc = 13].

Based from the above solutions, arguments and cases, it would be advisable for Coke to intensify their television advertisements and allot more focus Olympics especially on penetrating their target consumers since these marketing strategies will give Coke greater chances to outperformed their competitors especially Pepsi . Furthermore, aside from providing higher extra profit, these strategies will also provide coke with higher market share in U. K. if they will successfully tap their target consumers watching the Olympics, teenagers/early adults and middle aged group of consumers.


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