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Our location is also ideal. For one thing, we are located on a military installation, so everyone at Fort Lewis has direct access. Our patient population has to have access to the post. When you come to our hospital, everyone in the facility has a connection to the military. Even if you are a family member, they IV. Target Market One of the main target customers are retirees that are eligible for government healthcare in our facility. A lot of this population requires weekly blood draws and prefer to come in during the earlier hours when we aren’t as busy.

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Another target customer is our Active Duty patient population. As stated previously, sick call hours start between 0600 and 0630 hours at all outlying clinics, and by us being open at 0600 hrs, we can provide any additional laboratory services that those clinics cannot provide. The family member is also another target population that we need to target. Since many spouses are now in the workforce, many prefer the earlier hours for laboratory services so that they can still get to work on time.

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Less time out of work means more money, and that is evident in the military family. By targeting this population, we ensure that we are supporting not only the Soldiers, but their families as well. This also provides an additional benefit; when Soldiers are deployed, they know that their families are being taken care of back at home. V. Marketing Strategies Some of the competitive advantages of our services being offered at these new hours are that no other laboratory in the area opens at 0600 hrs.

For this reason, we definitely have a competitive edge over other laboratories and hospitals in the area. Active involvement in trade fairs and public meetings while taking advantage of our brand name will go along way in increasing the number of patients we see. Being an Army Medical Center, every one of our beneficiaries knows that advantages we are the premier epicenter for military medicine. If you have the opportunity to go to a Medical Center as compared to a Medical Detachment, everyone has certain expectations.

It is definitely an advantage over any other facility within the area know that all the other patients there are also family members or active duty. It gives the patients a comforting feeling as they have a sense of identity. Today most people search in the Internet for more information on health issues. We will ensure that our web site is friendly, swift and offers help to our esteemed patients. It will be well designed to match other sites in the market. People can make their bookings through it and this will help in increasing our effectiveness and efficiency.

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