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Although the consultants plan to spend a great deal of time making personal appearances in the community in order to gain the confidence of the customers and develop relationships within the community, it is also important for the agency to function in modern society. Functioning in the current society requires the agency to provide customers with a way to access prices and available services over the internet.

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In order to accomplish this, KDH will develop and operate a website to provide contact information, available prices, packages and customized services. Newsletters In order to keep past and potential customers informed on the agency’s progress, the consultants will develop monthly newsletters to make people aware of special events and new services available. This keeps KDH in the customer’s minds in the event they require additional services at a later time.

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The consultants will tell about the latest trends in weddings ad offer tips for brides in the newsletter in order to get the attention of the potential customer and to give a professional, well informed, and valuable appearance to the agency.

Photo Gallery

It is true that for most people a picture truly is worth a thousand words. For this reason, the wedding consultants will take many pictures at the events they consult for and provide services for.

Providing customers with a picture of a beautiful wedding complete with a happy couple will place a positive image in the customer’s mind. KDH will get permission to take photos at the weddings and develop a photo gallery of completed work and successful weddings to provide views of many services and decorating ideas. This is especially important to demonstrate what can be accomplished in themed weddings. KDH is dedicated to meeting the needs of the customer and the consultants will go above and beyond to prove to the customers that they can have the wedding of their dreams.


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