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Mayo Clinic

Answer #1


            Basically, the mission of Mayo Clinic is to serve as the pioneer in the filed of medical services through conducting extensive medical researches and providing new medical procedures to cure “unusual medical cases”. In short, Mayo Clinic would want to go beyond what a small doctor’s office could do. Because of the said mission, Mayo Clinic was able to give treatments to some of the lethal illnesses like cancer and tuberculosis. Some of Mayo Clinic’s pioneered medical treatments are open-heart surgery, knee replacements and hip-replacement surgery, cancer therapies and tuberculosis treatments.

Moreover, the Mayo Brothers wanted their clinic to become as comfortable as close as possible to their customers. This is the reason why doctors of Mayo Clinic are wearing business attire rather than the conventional white coat of doctors when attending their patients. They also design their clinic in such a way that patient would not feel intimidated while inside the clinic’s premises. The clinic targets “aging retirement population” and this is the reason why they establish branches in Scottsdale Arizona and Jacksonville Florida in order for their target patients would no longer bother to go to Minnesota. The premium that they give to their customers contributes to their overall success in the medical industry (Lake, 2007).

Answer #2

            During the first years of Mayo Clinic they spend nothing in promoting their clinic with the market. The clinic relies extensively in “word of mouth” type of informing the public about the services being offered by the former. Well, true enough, the said strategy really worked for them although it took ages before they were fully known in the market but the thing is- it all pays off.

             As the clinic starts to become exposed to various market challenges and opportunities just like any ordinary business entity does, they started to adjust and adopt into the kind of market system were they belong. The Mayo Clinic started to include into their organizational system a brand management team that would protect, monitor and enhanced the brand of Mayo Clinic. With this, they are ensured about the quality and efficiency of their brands especially those critical medical procedures that they invented. As time goes by, the role of this brand management team would surely expand due to the fact that researches of Mayo Clinic seem to grow alongside of their operational expansion. They also began opening their doors for partnership ventures in order to expand their research activities for their brands. Although there are certain risks involved in the said action of Mayo Clinic since there is a possibility that their partner might dim the luster of the name of Mayo Clinic that they nurture for many years. By thoroughly evaluating their prospective partners, Mayo Clinic minimizes the said risks involved and setting up conditions that would ensure the welfare of Mayo Clinic.

Answer #3

            Well, based on the given performance of Mayo Clinic for the past years, it is evident that they were able to efficiently manage their brand and take good care of their market reputation as well as their customer relationship. Given this stable status of Mayo Clinic, it would be best for them if they grab this great opportunity to expand their operation to other market places as well as their target market to further improve their profitability. With this, their brand name would now be well known not just within the perimeters of Minnesota, Arizona and Florida but also to other well known cities in the U.S. Furthermore, they could operate internationally and establish clinic branches to other countries and introduce their product. Surely, it would be a hit for Mayo Clinic’s brands since they have not yet experience the medical break through that their brands are offering. The reason why Mayo Clinic needs to expand is due to the fact that if they remain with the current market status they have, their profitability will also become stagnant and no avenue for them to increase their services.


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