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We were given instructions to construct a series of advertisements using at least three original images per member of the group, for a campaign for health education of a charity.

A soon as we had been put into groups we immediately brainstormed all the health campaigns and charities we could think of, we cam up with ideas such as Cancer, Child abuse, Alcohol and drug abuse, eating disorders, smoking and sexually transmitted diseases. We began researching general charity campaigns and our target audience. We decided on teenagers/students as our audience, as we felt we could make an effective advertisement for them due to the act we belong to it, and so can relate their views, opinions and know what effects them.

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We used the internet and leaflets and booklets etc picked up in doctors and chemists, we subsequently found many examples of existing campaigns and charities, however also considering the research we had carried out on our target audience, using the same mediums we decided to focus on sexually transmitted diseases, eating disorders, alcohol and drugs, as these are the main areas that effect our target audience.

Each member of the group focused on a different issue, so that our research was extensive. We again used the Internet but also magazines to look for past advertisements, we also carried on researching target audience.

We finally decided to focus on eating disorders, as there were not as many existing adverts found relating to this issue as there were on the others. We felt it was important issues and it needed awareness raising for it. And so, we carried out thorough research on this subject using magazines, the Internet, book and television for facts and figures on the topic of eating disorders. We also sent numerous emails off to eating disorder organizations from whom we received information packs that were very useful. From our research it was clear that the three main areas applying to eating disorders are anorexia, bulimia and binge-eating disorder or obesity, therefore these are the topics we decided to advertise.

Research was then carried out on these areas by looking at Government awareness posters and pro anorexia/bulimia websites, to try and understand why people become anorexic or bulimic and why they believe it is doing them good. We carried out a questionnaire on students in our college which revealed *waiting for results…*.

At this point we also began collecting general images that interested us or caught our attention, or ones we felt correlated with eating disorders in any way. These were cut out of magazines, printed off websites and photocopied out of books.

Within our group we began to discuss ideas for a logo that would be used on all of our posters. We researched into this area and looked at the most effective logos from different companies worldwide. We found that the most successful logos were small but easy to read and so we began generating ideas for a logo.

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