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My name is May Thwe Aye. I am go toing now International Advanced Diploma in Computer Studies ( IADCS ) from Myanma Computer Company Limited ( MCC ) caput office at Yangon. We have to larn four nucleus topics and three elected topics including the assignments and a undertaking in this category. But we are erudite one elective topic and two nucleus topic including the assignments in first faculty.

Now I am making Enterprise Networking assignment. This rubric is “ Police Department ” . This assignment is truly given me so many cognition and experience.



Initially, I would wish to thank my parents to show my deep gratitude for their aid and all sorts of support throughout our assignment period. And so, I am really thankful to Lecturer U Aung Thu Thu ( who teaches us Enterprise Networking ) . Our class director, Daw Aung Thandar Linn Myint, is besides an unforgotten individual to be thankful.


TASK-1 ( a )

Network topology recognizes five basic topologies:

& A ; religious order ; Bus topology

& A ; religious order ; Ring topology

& A ; religious order ; Star topology

& A ; religious order ; Tree topology

& A ; religious order ; Mesh topology


Bus topology is a simple topologies to put in, does non necessitate a batch of overseas telegram. There are two most popular types of Ethernet-cable, which are used in this topology are 10Base-2 and 10BaseT. Bus topology webs working with really limited devices. It performs good every bit long as the computing machine count to remain in the 12 – 15, the job arises when the figure of computing machines additions. Bus topology uses a common overseas telegram ( anchor ) to link all devices in the web in a additive signifier. Network arrangers all web devices attached to a overseas telegram based communicating medium. When any computing machine sends a message to the web, it is transmitted across the web, but designed computing machine receives the message and procedure it. Bus topology provides ease-of-network, but there is a large drawback of this topology, if one of the major overseas telegram webs will be damaged, it will be closed throughout the web.


The ring topology is one of the old ways of edifice design computing machine webs, and it is mostly outdated. FDDI, SONET, or Token Ring engineering used to make a ring engineering. It is non widely popular in footings of serviceability. In the ring web, every device has precisely two neighbours for communicating intents. All messages pass through the rings in their same directory, either clockwise or counterclockwise. In the event of failure of any device or overseas telegram, the whole web is down and communicating is impossible.


In local webs, where a star topology is used, each machine is connected to a cardinal hub. In contrast to the coach topology, star topology allows each machine on the web as a point to indicate connexion to the cardinal node. All traffic that crosses the web passes through a cardinal hub. The Center acts as a signal amplifier or repeater which in bend gives a signal to go long distances. As a consequence, each machine is straight connected to a hub ; star topology is the simplest topology for the design and execution. This topology is easy to add other machines. If the hub fails the whole web will non as a consequence of this centre being connected to each machine on the web.


A tree topology combines features of additive coach and star topologies. It consists of groups of star-configured workstations connected to a additive coach anchor overseas telegram. Tree topologies chance to spread out the bing web. It supports for multiple hardware and package sellers. If the anchor line interruptions, the full section goes down and more hard to configure and wire than other topologies.


In a mesh web whose nodes are all connected to each other in a to the full connected web. The web can move as an independent router, irrespective of whether connected to another web or non. This allows uninterrupted communicating and reconfiguration about broken or blocked the way to the “ hopping ” from node to node until they reach the end. Mesh web with excess links is an illustration of excess topology. The degree of redundancy can be measured by web connectivity.

Task-1 ( B )

Network media is the existent way travels as it moves from one constituent to another. Common types of media for LANs are:

& A ; religious order ; Copper overseas telegram ( UTP, STP )

& A ; religious order ; Fibre optic overseas telegram

& A ; religious order ; Radio transmittal

Advantages of UTP

& A ; religious order ; UTP, distorted brace is good plenty for big informations applications, but merely up to 100 Mbit / sec, and the fibre goes to a few Gs. Fiber is more, if you need it.

& A ; religious order ; UTP is inexpensive and really easy to utilize, while the fiber way, hard to manage, and you need to make is round the corners.

& A ; religious order ; UTP can be cut with a knife and fold on the connection is easy, but with a bed, you need particular tools and accomplishments to halt them.

& A ; religious order ; Finally, you need power and LEDs present electrical signals to fiber, and photodiode with the amplifier power to acquire signals from the other terminal.

& A ; religious order ; In general, fiber optical overseas telegram is a great performing artist, fantastic, and the best thing of all time IF YOU NEED THAT MUCH BANDWIDTH. But for most applications UTP is plenty good plenty.

& A ; religious order ; If you need fiber, the plastic is easier to utilize for short tallies, while the glass has higher public presentation and more hard to work with.

Disadvantages of UTP

& A ; religious order ; Twisted brace to electromagnetic intervention greatly depends on the brace writhing strategies ( normally proprietary manufacturers ) remain integral during the installing. As a consequence, twisted brace, as a regulation, stringent demands for maximal grip tenseness, every bit good as minimal crook radius. This comparative breakability of distorted brace makes the installing patterns an of import component in the enforcement of the overseas telegram

Advantages of Fibre ocular overseas telegram

& A ; religious order ; Fibre ocular overseas telegrams have a much greater bandwidth than metal overseas telegrams.

& A ; religious order ; Fibre ocular overseas telegram is less susceptible to signal debasement than Cu wire.

& A ; religious order ; Fibre ocular overseas telegrams weigh less than a Cu wire overseas telegram.

& A ; religious order ; Data can be transmitted digitally.

& A ; sect ; Lower-power senders can be used alternatively of the high-potential electrical senders used for Cu wires.

& A ; religious order ; Unlike electrical signals in Cu wires, light signals from one fiber do non interfere with those of other fibers in the same overseas telegram.

& A ; religious order ; Because no electricity is passed through optical overseas telegram it is non-flammable, and immune to lightning.

& A ; religious order ; Impossible to tap into a fibre optics overseas telegram, doing it more unafraid

Disadvantages of Fibre ocular overseas telegram

& A ; religious order ; Fibre eye is that the overseas telegrams are expensive to put in.

& A ; religious order ; The expiration of a fibre optics overseas telegram is complex and requires particular tools.

& A ; religious order ; They are more delicate than coaxal overseas telegram.

Advantages of wireless transmittal

& A ; religious order ; It is non required overseas telegram.

& A ; religious order ; It is easy to utilize.

& A ; religious order ; It is portable.

& A ; religious order ; In short clip, can give the information to the constabulary autos

& A ; religious order ; All the messages given out by the wireless station are heard on each of the radio-equipped autos.

Disadvantage of wireless transmittal

& A ; religious order ; It is non safety.

& A ; religious order ; Police Department must have and operates a wireless conveying station.

& A ; religious order ; Requires of its autos equipped with having sets.

Task-1 ( degree Celsius )


A local country web ( LAN ) commissariats networking capableness to a group of computing machines in immediateness to each other such as in an office edifice, a school, or a place. A LAN in bend frequently connects to other LANs and to the Internet or other WAN.

Our constabulary web to utilize the Star topology because this topology is the best communicating method of our system web. We want to link to computing machines with Cu overseas telegram. We recommend radio transmittal for orders to a constabulary auto to the scene of a offense, fire or accident.


( a ) Internet Service that may necessitate in constabulary section


Voice over Internet Protocol ( VoIP ) is a general term for a household of transportation of engineering to supply voice communicating over webs IP, such as the Internet and other package switched webs. Other footings are frequently synonymous with VoIP are IP-telephony, Internet telephone, voice over broadband ( VoBB ) , broadband telephone and broadband phone.

Internet telephone refers to communicating services – voice, facsimile and / or voice messaging applications – which are transported through the Internet, instead than the public switched telephone web ( PSTN ) . VoIP systems use protocols to command your session apparatus and rupture down calls, every bit good as audio codecs, which encode address enable communicating via IP, digital sound through the audio watercourse. Codec usage varies between different executions of VoIP ( and frequently a figure of codecs used ) , some executions rely on narrowband and voice compaction, while others support the stereo codec high truth.

file transfer protocol

File Transfer Protocol ( FTP ) , is a standard web protocol used for interchanging and pull stringsing files over TCP / IP webs, such as the Internet. FTP is based on a client-server architecture and uses a separate control and informations transportation between client and waiter applications. FTP is besides often used as a constituent of an application for automatic file transportation plan for internal maps. FTP can be used with user-based hallmark watchword or the anon. user entree. Trivial File Transfer Protocol ( TFTP ) is similar, but simplified, inconsistent, and non an authorised version of FTP.

hypertext transfer protocol

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure ( HTTPS ) is a combination of Hypertext Transfer Protocol with SSL / TLS protocol to supply encoding and unafraid designation on the waiter. HTTPS connexions are frequently used for payment minutess at the World Wide Web and for sensitive minutess with corporate information systems. HTTPS should non be confused with the Secure HTTP ( S-HTTP ) , specified in RFC 2660.


Internet Protocol Security ( IPSec ) is a set of protocols for procuring Internet Protocol ( IP ) communications by authenticating and coding each IP package in the information watercourse. IPsec besides includes protocols for set uping common hallmark between agents at the beginning of the session and treatment of cryptanalytic keys, which will be used during the session. IPsec can be used to protect the information flows between a brace of hosts ( for illustration, users of computing machines or waiters ) , between a brace of security gateways ( eg routers or firewalls ) , or between a security gateway and a host.

IPsec is a double manner, from terminal to stop security strategy operating in the Internet bed in the protocol stack of the OSI theoretical account or 3rd degree. IPsec is the replacement to the ISO Network Layer Security Protocol ( NLSP ) . IPsec officially listed in the Internet Engineering Task Force ( IETF ) in Request for Comments series discusses the assorted constituents and extensions, including the official manner of capitalisation of the term.


The webcam is a video gaining control device connected to a computing machine or computing machine web, frequently utilizing the USB port or if it is connected to an Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

The most popular is the usage of video-telephony, which allows the computing machine to move as a videophone or video-conferencing station. It can be used in Messenger plans such as Windows Live Messenger, Skype and services, Yahoo Messenger. Other popular usage, which include picture entering files, or even images that are available through legion package plans, applications and devices.

Webcams are known for low fabrication costs and flexibleness, doing them the lowest cost signifier of picture telephone.

The term “ webcam ” can besides be used in its original sense, camcorder connected to the web continuously for an indefinite clip, but non for a peculiar session, as a regulation, in order to supply for all visitants to its web page. Some of them, such as those used as an online traffic cameras, are expensive, dependable, professional picture cameras.

( B ) The connexion velocity

The connexion velocities of E-mail will adequate 64 kbps and 256 kbps is preferred. FTP is sufficient 128 kbps and 1 Mbps is preferred. VoIP is adequate 64 kbps for normal conversation and 512 kbps is preferred for peak hours.

( degree Celsius ) Internet Service Providers that can run into in our state

( vitamin D ) Recommendation

Our state has two ISP Services these are Myanmar Post and Tele-communication ( MPT ) and Bagan Cyber Tech. These two suppliers are administering to the internet service of our state. I want to propose that WiMAX engineering is the best manner of work outing the constabulary section. Because the informations transportation rate of this engineering is excessively big and the connexion velocity is really strong.


Undertaking 3 ( a )

GSM ( Global System for Mobile communications )

GSM ( Global System for Mobile communications: originally from Special Mobile Group ) is the most popular criterion for nomadic phones in the universe. His booster, GSM Association, estimates that 80 % of the planetary Mobile market uses the criterion. GSM is used by more than 3 billion people in more than 212 states and districts. His widespread international rolling gives you a really common between nomadic operators, leting endorsers to utilize their phones in many parts of the universe. GSM differs from its predecessors by the fact that both signaling and speech channels of digital and, hence, considered the 2nd coevals ( 2G ) Mobile phone system. This besides means that informations communicating was easy to construct into the system. GSM EDGE is a 3G-version of the protocol.

The construction of a GSM web

The ubiquitousness of the GSM was the advantage of both consumers ( who benefit from the ability to travel and exchange bearers without exchanging phones ) and web operators ( who can take equipment in any of the many sellers implementing GSM ) . GSM is besides the first low-cost ( to the web bearer ) option to voice calls, short message service ( SMS, besides called “ text messaging ” ) , which is now supported on other nomadic criterions as good. Another advantage is that the criterion includes the universe ‘s figure one exigency telephone ; 112.This facilitates international travel to link to exigency services, non cognizing the local exigency figure. Newer versions of the criterion were backward-compatible with the original GSM phones. For illustration, Release ’97 of the criterion added package informations capablenesss, by agencies of General Packet Radio Service ( GPRS ) . Release ’99 introduced higher velocity informations transmittal utilizing Enhanced Data Ratess for GSM Evolution ( EDGE ) .


Walkie-Talkie ( more officially known as the portable transceiver ) is a manual, portable, bipartisan wireless. Its development during the Second World War in different ways, credited to Donald L. Hings, wireless applied scientist Alfred J. Gross, and applied scientists at Motorola. Similar undertakings have been created for other armed forces, and after the war, walky-talkies spread to public safety and finally commercial site work. Cardinal characteristics include half-duplex channel ( merely one wireless transmits at a clip, although any figure can listen ) and Push-To-Talk ( PTT ) to get down the transportation. A typical walky-talkies like the telephone, possibly a small more, but still a individual unit, with an aerial stick outing from the top. Where a phone ‘s earphone is merely loud plenty to be heard by the user, a walky-talky ‘s constitutional talker can be heard by the user and those in the user ‘s immediate locality. Hand-held transceivers may be used to pass on with each other, or vehicle-mounted or basal Stationss.

Some cell phone webs offer push-to-talk phone, which allows Walkie-Talkie-like operation over the cellular web without dialing the call every clip.

Radios for public safety, commercial and industrial intents, may be portion of the bole wireless systems, which dynamically allocate wireless channels for more efficient usage of limited wireless frequence spectrum. Such systems are ever working with a base station that acts as a repeater and accountant, although some phones and nomadic phones may hold a manner, short-circuiting the base station.

( B ) Legal demands for runing the system in our state

There are two basic formats for the bipartisan wirelesss. They are extremist high frequence ( UHF ) wireless and really high frequence ( UHF ) wireless. No bandwidth is inherently better than others. Each has its assets and subtractions. Both formats are an effectual manner to pass on with another individual, such a determination on the right wireless for you depends on your application.

Two wirelesss communicate with each other through the usage of wireless moving ridges. Radio moving ridges have different frequences, and tuning the receiving system to a specific frequence you can take a specific signal.

Radio moving ridges are transmitted as a series of rhythms, one after another. You will ever see “ The abbreviation Hz is used to bespeak the frequence of the wireless. Hertz equals one rhythm per second.

Radio moving ridges are measured by kHz ( kilohertz ) , which is equal to 1000 rhythms per second, or MHz ( MHz ) , which is equal to 1,000,000 rhythms per second — or 1000 kilohertz. The relationship between these units is like this: 1,000,000 Hertz = 1000 kHz = 1 MHz. You may besides hear the term “ wavelength ” when you hear about wireless moving ridges.

This term in the early yearss of wireless frequences, when measured in footings of the distance between the extremums of two back-to-back rhythms of wireless moving ridges alternatively of the figure of rhythms per second. Lower frequences produce a longer wavelength. While wavelength steps distance between the extremums of rhythms, frequence refers to how long the mensural clip is between the “ crest ” and “ trough ” of a moving ridge arriving at the beginning. So frequency steps clip alternatively of distance, but they are basically both stating the same thing.

What is important about wavelength for bipartisan wirelesss is that it affects transmittal scope under certain conditions. A longer wavelength as a general regulation lets a radio signal travel a greater distance. Lower frequences or wavelengths have greater perforating power. That ‘s one of the grounds they are used for pass oning with pigboats. VLF wireless moving ridges ( 3-30 kilohertz ) can perforate saltwater to a deepness of about 20 metres.

So a pigboat at shallow deepness can utilize these frequences. So from what you read above you may believe VHF is ever the better pick for a bipartisan wireless no affair where you are utilizing it. That ‘s non needfully true.

Even though VHF has better perforating capablenesss, that does n’t needfully do it the better pick for edifices. Remember the conversation about wavelength above? Wavelength has a large impact on transmittal.

FCC Licensing

If you are buying a wireless for your concern, most business-band wirelesss require you to acquire a License from the FCC before you can utilize the wirelesss. One exclusion to this is if you purchase adieus that runing in the MURS frequences.

For other licensing inquiries, you can name the FCC Consumer Center at ( 888 ) 225-5322. Below is the FCC ‘s licensing procedure with links to their web site:

& A ; religious order ; Gathering Information

& A ; religious order ; Frequency Coordination

& A ; religious order ; Filing Your Application

& A ; religious order ; Immediate Operation

& A ; religious order ; Notification of Construction

& A ; religious order ; Renewal of License

( degree Celsius ) Set up cost of the constabulary section

( vitamin D ) Restrictions

If you go down to your local edifice supply or price reduction shop you will see wirelesss that say they have a scope of 14 stat mis, 22 stat mis, or something like that. Yet when you take them place you find that they do n’t even travel a stat mi.

One of the biggest factors to cut downing scope is the obstructions in the way of transmittal. These obstructions absorb and reflect the wireless moving ridges so while a wireless advertised to travel 22 stat mis may really make that if both users are standing on extremums of a mountain with nil in between, the same wireless ca n’t travel a half stat mi through a wood. Two-way radios communicate “ line of sight, ” which means that if you can see between two points, the wireless should be able to pass on between these two points. See that the wireless the Apollo spacemans on the Moon used to pass on merely used one W of power and you ‘ll acquire the image on this.

If you consider that two points on land or H2O become unseeable after about five stat mis between them because of the curvature of the Earth, you can understand that pass oning more than five stat mis becomes hard even if there are no obstructions between the wirelesss. The key to acquiring more scope is either to raise the tallness of the aerial, increase the power of the wireless, or both.

Government wireless Stationss frequently rated power end product, consumer wirelesss are frequently controversial and evaluated a stat mi or kilometre count, because in direct line of sight distribution of HDTV signals. Walkie-Talkie traffic in the country of 27 MHz and 400-500 MHz UHF spectrum, there are units that use 49 MHz ( shared with cordless phones, babe proctors and similar devices ) . Spread-spectrum strategy is used in eXRS station allows up to 10 million practical “ channels ” and provides a nexus between private two or more units.

( vitamin E ) Recommendation

In undertaking 3, I have investigated about the two manner voice communicating method, informations transmittal methods, truth of the voice communicating, extra services and restrictions. The classs include Global System of Mobile ( GSM ) and walky-talky. The devices and engineerings can utilize communicating of constabulary section. Walkie-talkie is to utilize the voice communicating with 3rd party or communicate with each other.

Personal bipartisan wirelesss are besides sometimes combined with other electronic devices ; Garmin ‘s Rino series combine a GPS receiving system in the same bundle as an FRS/GMRS walky-talky ( leting Rino users to convey digital location informations to each other ) Some personal wirelesss besides include receiving systems for AM and FM broadcast wireless and, where applicable, NOAA Weather Radio and similar systems airing on the same frequences. Some designs besides allow the sending of text messages and images between likewise equipped units.

The bipartisan walky-talkies fury is really first-class and this scope is so far so good. The country scope spectrum is really long distance. The scopes of these devices have a scope of 14 stat mis, 22 stat mis, or something like that.

The frequence of Radio moving ridges are measured by kHz ( kilohertz ) , which is equal to 1000 rhythms per second, or MHz ( MHz ) , which is equal to 1,000,000 rhythms per second — or 1000 kilohertz. The relationship between these units is like this: 1,000,000 Hertz = 1000 kHz = 1 MHz. You may besides hear the term “ wavelength ” when you hear about wireless moving ridges.


Undertaking 4 ( a )

Private subdivision exchange ( PBX ) is a telephone exchange that serves a peculiar concern or office, and non one that the common bearer or telephone company operates for many concerns or for the general populace. PBXs make connexions between internal telephones private organisations – normally a concern – every bit good as link them to the public switched telephone web ( PSTN ) via bole lines. Because they include telephones, facsimile machines, modems, and more general term “ extension ” is used to denote any terminal point on the subdivision.

PBXs are differentiated from “ cardinal systems ” in that users of cardinal systems manually select their ain outgoing lines, while PBXs select the outgoing line automatically. Hybrid systems combine characteristics of both.

Initially, the chief advantage of PBXs was to salvage on internal phone calls: managing circuit exchanging locally reduced charges for local telephone services. As ATS gained popularity, they began to offer services that were non available in the webs of operators, such as Hunt groups, call forwarding, and extension dialing. In 1960, ATC simulation known as Centrex provided similar characteristics from the cardinal telephone exchange.

Two important developments during the 1990 ‘s led to the outgrowth of new types of PBX systems. One of them is the monolithic growing of informations webs and increased public apprehension of package exchanging. Companies need to packet switched webs for informations, so utilizing them for telephone calls was alluring, and the handiness of the Internet as a planetary bringing system made package switched communications even more attractive. These factors have led to the development of VoIP PBX. ( Technically, nil was clip “ exchanged ” any longer, but the acronym PBX was so widely known that he is still used. )

Another tendency was the thought of nucleus competency. PBX services had ever been hard to set up for little companies, and many companies realized that the consideration of their ain telephone was non their nucleus competence. These considerations led the construct of Hosted PBX. In the Install Hosted PBX is a telephone and managed services, every bit good as chances and challenges delivered via the Internet. The client merely subscribes to a service, instead than purchasing and keeping expensive equipment. In kernel, it removes the subdivision from the private premises, traveling it to a cardinal location.

Undertaking 4 ( B )

Menu Options / IVR, Multiple Extensions, Unlimited Simultaneous Calls, Conferencing, Time Conditions, Call Queuing, Informational Lines, Low International Rates, Portability, Internet Dependent, and Multiple phone Numbers are available in practical PBX system.

Functionally, the PBX performs four chief call processing responsibilities:

& A ; religious order ; Establishing connexions ( circuits ) between the telephone sets of two users ( e.g. mapping a dialled figure to a physical phone, guaranting the phone is n’t already busy )

& A ; sect ; Keeping such connexions every bit long as users require them ( i.e. imparting voice signals between the users )

& A ; religious order ; Disconnecting those connexions as per the user ‘s demand

& A ; religious order ; Supplying information for accounting intents ( e.g. metering calls )

In add-on to these basic PBX maps offer many other naming characteristics and capablenesss, with different makers supplying different maps in an effort to distinguish their merchandises. Common capablenesss include ( makers may hold a different name for each capableness ) :

& A ; religious order ; Auto attender

& A ; religious order ; Auto dialing

& A ; religious order ; Automatic call distributer

& A ; religious order ; Automated directory services ( where companies can be routed to a given employee by identifying or talking the letters of the employee ‘s name )

& A ; religious order ; Automatic ring back

& A ; religious order ; Call accounting

& A ; religious order ; Call Blocking

& A ; religious order ; Call send oning on busy or absence

& A ; religious order ; Call park

& A ; religious order ; Call pick-up

& A ; religious order ; Call transportation

& A ; religious order ; Call waiting

& A ; sect ; Camp-on

& A ; religious order ; Conference call

& A ; religious order ; Custom salutations

& A ; religious order ; Customised Abbreviated dialing ( Speed Dialing )

& A ; religious order ; Busy Override

& A ; religious order ; Direct Inward Dialing

& A ; religious order ; Direct Inward System Access ( DISA ) ( the ability to entree internal characteristics from an outside telephone line )

& A ; religious order ; Do non upset ( DND )

& A ; sect ; Follow-me, besides known as find-me: Determines the routing of incoming calls. The exchange is configured with a list of Numberss for a individual. When a call is received for that individual, the exchange routes it to each figure on the list in bend until either the call is answered or the list is exhausted ( at which point the call may be routed to a voice mail system ) .

& A ; religious order ; Interactive voice response

& A ; religious order ; Music on clasp

& A ; religious order ; Night service

& A ; religious order ; Shared message boxes ( where a section can hold a shared voice mail box )

& A ; religious order ; Voice mail

& A ; religious order ; Voice message broadcast medium

& A ; religious order ; Voice paging ( PA system )

& A ; religious order ; Welcome Message

Undertaking 4 ( degree Celsius )

VoSKY Exchange 9140 PBX-to-Skype Gateway

& A ; religious order ; Lines to the office PBX without alterations to bing PBX or phone equipment.

& A ; religious order ; calls without any alterations to bing PBX equipment, phones or user Personal computers

VoSKY Exchange 9140 PBX-to-Skype Gateway

Steren 310-368 50 Pair 110 Type Modular 66-IDC Wiring Phone PBX

Used in equipment suites and wiring cupboards to link telephone systems PBX systems and other low-speed terminal equipment. Specifications: 50-Pair Modular.

Steren 310-368 50 Pair 110 Type Modular 66-IDC Wiring Phone PBX…

Premier 1224/2460 Phone System Chassis PBX Telephone

Premier 1224/2460 Phone System Chassis PBX Telephone Includes wires and some climb equipment.

Premier 1224/2460 Phone System Chassis PBX Telephone

Linksys SPA942 VoIP telephone

Stylish and functional in design, the Linksys SPA942 VoIP telephone is ideal for a abode or concern utilizing a hosted IP telephone service, an IP PBX, or a big graduated table IP Centrex deployment.

Cisco 7940 IP Phone

The Cisco 7940 works highly good with Asterisk – Trixbox – and FreePBX systems. Direct entree to voice mail.The Cisco IP Phone 7940G identifies incoming messages and categorizes them for users on the screen. Local and Personal Directories allow for speedy figure lookup.No system disposal is required.

Aastra 57i IP Phone ( 6757I )

Aastra 57i IP Phone. ( 6757I ) The 57i from Aastra offers powerful characteristics and flexibleness in a criterions based, carrier-grade advanced degree expandible IP telephone. With a sleek and elegant design, big 144 ten 128 pixel graphical backlit LCD show and 6 dynamic context-sensitive softkeys, the 57i is to the full interoperable with taking IP.

Aastra 57i IP Phone ( 6757I ) – Click Image to Close

Undertaking 4 ( vitamin D )

Some cell phone webs offer push-to-talk phone, which allows Walkie-Talkie-like operation over the cellular web without dialing the call every clip.

Radios for public safety, commercial and industrial intents, may be portion of the bole wireless systems, which dynamically allocate wireless channels for more efficient usage of limited wireless frequence spectrum. Such systems are ever working with a base station that acts as a repeater and accountant, although some phones and nomadic phones may hold a manner, short-circuiting the base station.

There are assorted accoutrements available for walkie talking pictures such as rechargeable batteries, bead in rechargers, multi-unit rechargers for bear downing every bit many as six units at a clip, and an audio accoutrement doodly-squat that can be used for headsets or talker mikes.

When utilizing a headset with voice activation ( VOX ) to the user can speak with custodies free. Several types of sound accoutrements available such as Speaker microphones that cartridge holder around the ear type of security with ear pendent Push-To-talk switch and constitutional mike, headset, which has a switch Push-to-talk earbuds, which looks more like what you will happen on the music participant, or one ear for easy-head headset with mike roar and pendent Push-To-switch say they were similar centre agent phone calls. Above costs are the costs to the system.

Undertaking 4 ( vitamin E )


The recommendation for the Task 4 is the PBX telephone system to be used. This telephone system to be used in my constabulary office because this map is achieve, the PBX performs four chief call processing responsibilities:

& A ; religious order ; Establishing connexions ( circuits ) between the telephone sets of two users ( e.g. mapping a dialed figure to a physical phone, guaranting the phone is n’t already busy )

& A ; sect ; Keeping such connexions every bit long as the users require them ( i.e. imparting voice signals between the users )

& A ; religious order ; Disconnecting those connexions as per the user ‘s demand

& A ; religious order ; Supplying information for accounting intents ( e.g. metering calls )

In undertaking 4, I have investigated about the telephone system, extra services and restrictions. The classs include PBX ( Public Branch Exchange ) and KTS ( Key Telephone System ) . The PBX system to utilize the broad scope communicating serves are available to our constabulary section. Our constabulary section necessitate the broad scope communicating services and to work out the condemnable instance of our state. The PBX system is more comfy than KTS service, because the PBX system to use the IP with communicate to each other. Thus why, I was suggested that IP PBX system is the best solution of our constabulary section.


The constabulary office section in Townsville has been restructured and is shortly opening a new central office edifice. The edifice will house all the communicating and computing machine system for the constabulary section.

Townsville Police Department covers an country of 100 square kilometres and has a main Constable who is responsible for the policing of that country.

I have constructed the POLICE Department with Global Positioning System ( GPS ) , General Packet Radio Service ( GPRS ) , Global System of Mobile ( GSM ) and Geographical Information System ( GIS ) .

In undertaking 1, I have taken the research for the constabulary section paying attending to the two manner voice communicating method, the truth of the informations transmittal method, the information delivered by the caput office to the subdivision, the method of informations transmittal from vehicle to center, the cost per device of utilizing the system, Additional services that the system can supply and restrictions of the system. And so to choose the topology of web communicating, make up one’s mind which topology to do better than to our constabulary section. The recommendation for undertaking 1 is already shown at the terminal of undertaking 1.

In undertaking 2, I have investigated the methods of communicating service and to choose the one is the best and compare the monetary value and services. Which services are meet with our constabulary section and recommendation for undertaking 2 is already shown at the terminal of undertaking 2.

In undertaking 3, I have investigated the more item of two manner voice communicating method. To happen the GSM, walky-talky system map and frequences band breadth of the each system. The cost per device and which device can utilize, these devices to implement our constabulary section. The recommendation for undertaking 3 is already shown at the terminal of undertaking 3.

In undertaking 4, I have investigated the telephone system available of our state for single-site organisations. The constabulary section which telecommunication system to utilize and I was suggested PBX and KTS system to utilize our constabulary section. This telecommunication system is the best of our constabulary section. The recommendation for undertaking 4 is already shown at the terminal of undertaking 4.


hypertext transfer protocol: //gsisystems.com/webstore/images/cp7970g_big.jpg

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.dialexia.com/products/dial-office-ip-pbx.html

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.sitech-bitdriver.com/tech/whyfiber.htm

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hypertext transfer protocol: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Network_topology

hypertext transfer protocol: //compnetworking.about.com/od/networkdesign/a/topologies.htm

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