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Network Security

This assignment will be marked utilizing the Peer Assessment web site and as such you should carefully read this assignment specification. Your undertaking is to research a subject and compose a study. You will be working in groups of 3 or 4 people, with each group member take parting in all phases of the research. Each group will bring forth a study to show its findings.

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Working in groups of 3-4, choose one of the undermentioned assignment Jockey shortss:

1. Describe the chief failings of radio webs and explicate how these can be compromised. Identify how these exposures can be rectified/minimised utilizing current engineerings and look into emerging/future radio web protection mechanisms.

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2. Describe three types of firewall and explain in which scenarios each could be used. Supply an illustration regulation set to configure a firewall to supply a default deny policy with specific allowance for a public facing web, file transfer protocol and mail waiter. Research advances being made in firewall engineerings and hypothesis how the increased use of nomadic devices will act upon their development.

3. As an decision maker describe how you would utilize network/security tools to place failings and exposures in your web. Include illustrations and depict how you can repair the exposures these tools discover. Discourse the ethical quandary of hackers utilizing administrative tools and decision makers utilizing choping toolkits.

You are free to construction your study as you feel appropriate, but the undermentioned key facets need to be addressed as portion of the entry:

* Introduction

* Background information

* Evidence/statistics/case surveies etc.

* Analysis and treatment

* Your decisions

The overall length of the study ( excepting appendices ) should non transcend 4,000 words ( these three pages contain around 1,200 words ) . Relevant back uping information may be included as appendices if required. Your study will be assessed on the deepness and comprehensiveness of your research ( which must be evidenced ) , and overall quality of presentation. It will be expected to hold appropriate debut and decision subdivisions, and to be supported by mentions.

The research that you show should be supported by appropriate grounds, such as published consequences from studies, and instance surveies of peculiar incidents. Any such information that you show must be suitably cited and referenced in your study – if you are unfamiliar with citing manner, so a Google hunt utilizing the term ‘Harvard citing ‘ will assist to edify you.

Although you will be expected to do important usage of printed and on-line literature in researching and bring forthing your stuffs, it is non acceptable for your group to merely cut and glue stuff from other beginnings ( little quotation marks are acceptable, but they must be clearly indicated as being quotation marks and the beginning must be referenced suitably ) .


You must inform Dr Paul Dowland, by electronic mail, of the composing of your group by 4pm on Friday 6th November. Anyone non in a group after that deadline will be indiscriminately formed into groups ( or added to bing groups as necessary ) . Confirmation of groups will be posted to the pupil portal.

The study will be submitted via the equal appraisal web site by 4pm on Friday 11th December – inside informations of how this entry should be made will be advised before the deadline.

Following the entry of your group ‘s study, you will be required to separately execute a equal appraisal of the entries made by three other groups ( see inside informations below ) . This undertaking must be completed by 4pm on Friday 8th January 2010.


Taging of the studies will be performed by you, which will enable people to see the issues associating to some of the other subjects in add-on to the 1 that their group researched. An online Peer-Review system will be used to allow you to read/download and tag the study entries from other groups. You will EACH be required to tag three studies, which will be indiscriminately assigned to you. All entries will be anon. and you will tag the stuff based upon taging standards that will be outlined to you at the clip.

Although the procedure of peer-review might at first glimpse seem like a batch of extra work, the technique has been proven clip and once more to be a successful agency of bettering your acquisition. Although no extra Markss will be given to the reading and marker of the studies, a punishment will be made if you do non set about the undertaking. Specifically, for every assigned study that you do non read and tag suitably, 10 % will be deducted from your coursework grade. The grade that your group receives for its study will be an norm of what the equal assessors assign to it. Please take this earnestly and note that the procedure will be monitored by the faculty leader for quality confidence, and to guarantee the equity of taging ( we will chair Markss in instances where we feel a study has been assessed unsuitably high or low ) .

At the terminal of the assignment, groups will be given the chance to allocate different portions of the concluding grade to their members. For illustration, if a group of four people scored a grade of 65 % , so they would be given 260 % ( i.e. 65 % multiplied by 4! ) to portion between them. Obviously, if all members of the group were felt to hold made equal parts, so the fairest thing to make would be to divide this every bit ( i.e. all four get 65 % ) . However, if one individual was felt to hold worked peculiarly good ( or peculiarly severely ) so you might make up one’s mind to divide the overall grade otherwise ( e.g. one individual could be given 75 % , while the other three get 61.5 % etc ) . If the groups can non hold a split to which all members confirm their support, so groups will be asked to go to a meeting with the faculty leader in order to research each person ‘s part to the work. Such a meeting may besides be requested in the event that the assessors have their ain concerns or inquiries over the content of group studies. Any such jobs should be flagged before the 11th January deadline for completion of equal appraisals, and if we do non hear otherwise the Markss will be assigned every bit to all group members.

This assignment represents 40 % of the grade for the CNET531 faculty. The staying 60 % will be allocated on the footing of an individually-marked multiple pick trial.

Taging Standards:

Introduction and Background ( 10 % )

In add-on to presenting the subject and showing the background information, premises should be stated. Did the study CLEARLY identify the inquiry they had chosen to reply ( pick of three subjects ) ?

Analysis and Discussion ( 50 % )

Explaining at an appropriate degree the issues relevant to the subject considered. Did the study address ALL the issues from the original inquiry ( refer to the assignment brief ) .

Evidence/statistics/case surveies ( 30 % )

Has appropriate research been conducted to grounds the facts presented in the study? Are facts/figures supported by a suited mention? E.g. you can non merely province that “ 50 % of radio LANs are insecure ” unless you can back up it with grounds.

Presentation and Structure ( 10 % )

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