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Operations management is technique used in carrying out production processes in industries or organizations. Operations management is a process where technical skills and systems are used to customer requirements in a market. The process ensures customer satisfaction and at the same time business goals are achieved (Russell & Taylor 2006). Operations management therefore involves wise selection and development of processes for providing quality customer services and hence markets the system in use (Hill 2005). Question 1: An Essay about an Operations Concept

The Operations Concept {Supply Chain Management System} A supply chain management system is a group of stores under the same umbrella of management located differently to help provide customer delivery services. The stores are mostly situated in busy places or towns offering their services at retail price. The stores have been located in convenient places and in big warehouses to targeting customers who purchase in bulk (Johnson et al 1997). Two Important Areas of Knowledge about the Concept from Recent Research


The most important areas of knowledge a bout the operations concept are efficiency in delivery and cost effectiveness. Cost effectiveness can be achieved through using value adding techniques in each production process. The stores have reduced the production processes thereby reducing resource consumptions (Johnson et al 1997). This is an added advantage to the customers who receive goods and services at relatively cheaper prices. The stores sale their products at varied prices depending on the customer are bargaining and purchase power (Chase et al 1998).

This is relatively economic and improves customer satisfaction. The supply chain stores have benefited from improved shipping or delivery services. The supply chains have their own transportation systems for supplying goods to various stores. Customer delivery services were made in good time. Most of their customers enjoy delivery services especially those who purchase in bulky. The stores can easily use their own means to transport goods to their customer premises (Chandran 2003). Real Business Situation Where the Concept can be applied

Operations concept can be applied in Wal-marts as a supply chain store. Wal-Mart is an international business that deals in a variety of customer goods and services. The business has many chain stores offering their services at retail prices in bulk hence the largest retailing shop globally (Gattorna 2007). Wal-Mart based in the United States has been a worldwide leading supply chain between 2001 and 2002. The Most Important Management Tasks in Business Situation and the Effect that the Operations Concept has on These Tasks

The most important management tasks in the business situation of the operations concepts are logistics, inventory and procurements and distribution management (Slack et al 2004). Procurements and distribution involves purchasing and supplying goods and services to the customer at the most cost effective way. Goods are ordered directly from manufacturer without involving the middlemen hence reduce price of products (Sadler 2007). Wal-Mart negotiated a lot to ensure customers services were provided at the best prices possible in the market.

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