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We live in the epoch, when the trading barriers between countries are vanished and modern technologies are constantly changing surrounding environment. At these circumstances marketing research is a tool leading middle size and big corporations to success. Scientific and technical innovations creating constraints for companies’ operations give modern marketers powerful tools and methods for substantial increasing the efficiency of market’s players. On the other hand, users receiving a huge amount of information about products and services keep the real control over the companies.

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So, the only factor remaining unchangeable is a continually speeding process of changes, which shows marketers the best beneficial way to take new product or service to the market. Marketing strategies development is important for successful using emerging market opportunities. As Flat Panel Plasma TV is a product, which characteristics suit for limited part of potential users, therefore marketing research with the information about potential users and competitors plays a key role in defining target marketing segment.

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Flat Panel Plasma TV’s perspective segment requires high quality of images’ sharpness, the richness and deepness of black colors and motivating pricing policy. For example, in larger sizes, fifty inches and more plasma TVs are cheaper than their competitors LCD TVs. Flat Panel Plasma TVs obtain a higher perceived resolution comparing to LCD TVs. They have also the better motion rendition and more relevant viewing angles. Flat Panel Plasma TV is a product for displaying fast dynamic shows, sport events and great attractions or movies for a crowd.

Today, when TVs become thinner and thinner Flat Panel Plasma TV gains the first prize on climbing the walls. Positioning Flat Panel Plasma TV as a corporative product we receive a powerful tool for future marketing strategies and tactics development. Underlining the qualified feature we have separated Flat Panel Plasma TV from its competitor LCD TV. However, LCD haven’t such good resolution and angles capacity, it certainly won a home TV user’s market share. References: 1. Ansoff, I. (1999). Strategies for Diversification”. Harvard Business Review, p. 113-124. 2. Arndt, M. (2001). “There’s Life in the Old Bird Yet”. Business Week, pp. 77-78.

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